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  1. Photography/Photoshop Techniques!!!!
  2. RE: I wanna buy a camera. FAQ-type Links Inside
  3. Post your photos, anything goes, b&w, color, ext...
  4. Teasers from this weekends wedding.
  5. ★★★FS-canon 35mm f/1.4L★★★
  6. Hungry?
  7. FS: canon 7d 70-200 2.8 sigma 10-20
  8. FS: Canon 1D MkIIN
  9. Is it just me or....
  10. cameras and video cameras that use t2 ring...
  11. An Adult store caught on fire, so here are my pictures!
  12. FS: Samsung 12.2mp Point-n-Shoot - SOLD
  13. XMas List
  14. FS- Sigma 24mm f/1.8 macro Canon mount
  15. Eclipse
  16. Opinions on these cameras?
  17. T1i and T2i ???
  18. Sigma 10-20 FS
  19. Canon 50d
  20. Thanks to 'Big Mike' at Aftershock
  21. b and w
  22. FS: Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8-4.5
  23. Looking for a photographer to cover a corporate event
  24. Photo Printer Issue
  25. HiLandR's Hesternopothia
  26. need a new mug?
  27. First session of the year.
  28. Anyone have a San Disk Ultra II or III 2GB or smaller CF card?
  29. FS: Manfrotto 685B Neotec Deluxe Monopod
  30. I'm a "noob" with a question
  31. How can I start selling my photography/art?
  32. Canon 8-15 f4L supermagnificoooo FISHEYEEEEEEEEE
  33. Sony A230 for sale NOW WITH MORE GOODS :D
  34. Favorite Spots to Shoot in KC
  35. FS: Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and Sigma 10-20mm f/4-4.6
  36. Updated my Portfolio:
  37. WTB: canon 50mm 1.4
  38. wtb. canon 50
  39. gopro users enter
  41. FS: Camera case, two DVX100s, Steadicam Merlin, vintage polaroids. LOTS OF PICS
  42. Snowboarding trip to Utah
  43. Local camera shops...
  44. Got the dust off the camera
  45. 70-200 F/4L usm
  46. Vivian Maier - Street Photographer....amazing work!
  47. !!! FS: Canon 40D (body only) !!!
  48. HDRs (yes I know but just look)
  49. My music video shoot
  50. Making multi-colored signature stamps in PS
  51. Canon 85mm f/1.8
  52. Anyone have Nikon stuff they wanna get rid of?
  53. Trackside Shooting
  54. I'm needing a photo printed, but it's a custom size. Suggestions?
  55. What I've been up to lately
  56. What do all the possible settings on the camera mean and what do they effect? STICKY?
  57. Tips for shooting in a tropical environment?
  58. Nikon d40 kit, 18-55mm lens, charger, 4gb card, bag
  59. Question for the resident photo gurus
  60. 94 del sol si
  61. Found some old photos of the 1990 Accord I restored...
  62. Great short film
  63. Nikon Shooters Enter
  64. RE: Huge Photo Equipment Liquidation Sale: Nikon, Calumet, Sekonic, Bowens, Hoya, B+W
  65. DSLR and Lessons. Need crash course for my wife.
  66. looking for someone to do photoshoot
  67. places to take bad ass car pics in downtown kcmo
  68. Tricks to enhancing reflection?
  69. New site is done! TheChazz.com
  70. Camera
  71. Macro lenses
  72. newbie
  73. Photography Classes
  74. 02 Trailblazer
  75. Canon 70-200mm F/4L non-IS for sale.....
  76. can someone photoshop this for me?
  77. Few from today. Jeep and Mini goodness
  78. nikon d40 repair
  79. Opening my new studio soon
  80. FS: Canon 30D
  81. Brand new Targus DSLR Case
  82. Canon Rebel T1i
  83. hey traditional photo people... what do i have here?
  84. FS: Canon 55-250is lens
  85. I need your help.. Yes you!
  86. New DSLR---how was this taken?
  87. A dive video I made for my sister-in-law awhile back.
  88. Canon 17-40 or 70-200
  89. Good Sony camera forum?
  90. Nikon AF-s 18-55 lens for sale
  91. nikon d300s for sale body and grip only
  92. Any deals on T2i's?
  93. Profession Photogs enter
  94. No Greg, I dont hate GWACs
  96. Debating options for Grand Canyon
  97. tell me more about my cameras
  98. Downtown KC skyline banner
  99. First try at light painting
  100. What's in my picture?
  101. Online portfolio
  102. HAAALP v.wireless transmitters
  103. FS: Canon XSi and much more
  104. Brand New Canon 60d
  105. Pictures from the 1971 Joplin Tornado
  106. Sigma 50-150 f2.8
  107. FS: Canon 55-250is Lens
  108. Gas mask
  109. Duplicate Thread. Please delete.
  110. FS: Canon 5D Classic Full Frame IMMACULATE
  111. FS: Hoya Pro1 DMC 77mm CPL
  112. La Grande Arche de la Défense
  113. to be cleaned
  114. few of my pics from around the world
  115. Canon EOS 5D Mark III Specifications Leaked
  116. Sandisk Memory Card Deals
  117. Zombies
  118. FS: Sekonic L308s light meter
  119. Downtown / City / Skyline pics from this weekend
  120. South of France
  121. Your preference for triggers?
  123. You KNOW you are DEEP in the Ozark mountains when you reach this intersection...
  124. FS Canon G10
  125. Tons of new stuff.
  126. Jeeping through the Mark Twain National Forest
  127. Canon EOS Rebel T3 thoughts?
  128. Needing a new camera body. WTB thread.
  129. About Face - mindfuck
  130. Lytro Light Field Camera
  131. Pick my next lens
  132. Amsterdam and Paris Catacombs
  133. Opinion about Shutter Life
  134. F yea
  135. Pics from today of My E30 and Carlos's Raven WS6
  136. KC SWAT
  137. Bokeh Panoramas
  138. Abandoned Six Flags
  139. Post your gear thread! vSticky?
  140. Some shots from Warped Tour - Kansas City
  141. KCSR Photog Meetup?
  142. FS: Nikon SB-600 Speedlight $225 obo
  143. Tattoos in KC Mo?
  144. I need some help...
  145. How to shoot a photo: Rube Goldberg Style
  146. FS: Canon Nifty-Fifty
  147. This section needs more action. :)
  148. New PP on older pics.
  149. FS: Cactus V5 Wireless Transceivers
  150. We're selling some used camera gear...
  151. I know it's late notice but...
  152. Yes its art
  153. Apple DSLR
  154. Canon 550EX flash
  155. Photo-op Locations
  156. "The Big Beercan" 70-300 who has one ?!
  157. Theory Of A Deadman at Midland Theatre
  158. Thoughts about the purchase of this setup.....
  159. red dead redemption?
  160. Photography Apps
  161. FS- Paul Buff cybersync's flash triggers 2 receivers and 1 transmitter
  162. Anyone up for a photo-scavenger hunt? Or something of the type?
  163. Screen Calibration
  164. Video Editing
  165. Places to get a large print?
  166. can someone do a photochop for me?
  167. Fs: Canon "Nifty Fifty"
  168. Need your opinion on...
  169. Decent local place for memory cards
  170. FS: Sony A230 w/ extras $375 FIRM
  171. canon 70-200 f4 or tamron/sigma 2.8
  172. Vjjphotography (wichita ks)
  173. Can anyone do me a solid? (Need a lens this weekend)
  174. Weekly photography project ****Get out and shoot****
  175. New Machine
  176. Having fun with film
  177. Weekly photo project picture thread
  178. Canon 30D- $375
  179. HELP: Canon 40D Error
  180. Noob needs help!
  181. FS: Canon 50Dgripped
  182. fs: Canon ST-e2 wireless flash transmitter
  183. Canon EOS-1D X
  184. Weekly photo challenge round 2
  185. Photo challenge round 2 Picture thread
  186. Next light modifier?
  187. FS: Tamron 28-300mm Canon mount
  188. FS: Canon 40D for parts
  189. Low-Pro Camera bag FOR SALE
  190. FS: Canon 85 1.8
  191. Camera buying question
  192. Weekly photo challenge round 3 Sky
  193. Photo challenge round 3 picture thread.
  194. FS: Canon 30D Gripped
  195. FS: Canon 30D Gripped
  196. FS: Canon Holy Trinity - Budget Lenses
  197. FS: Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head
  198. FS: Canon 70-200 f/4L non is with Tripod Collar $450
  199. F/S Nikon 50mm 1.8G 2011 series.
  200. A Question of Ethics...
  201. Photo challenge round 4 Reflections
  202. paintings
  203. FREE: Canon wired remote trigger
  204. Photo challenge round 4 picture thread
  205. Panoramic Pictures, Question
  206. I want a photography meet!
  207. Few pictures
  208. Photo challenge round 5 Self Portrait
  209. So, after much thought, I think I'm selling the 50L
  210. Dance video...
  211. 50 Reasons NOT To Date A Photographer
  212. Photo challenge round 5 picture thread
  213. I'm going to start production on my "How to photograph automobiles" dvd and...
  214. FS: Nikon D700 low miles $2100
  215. Cam guru's enter
  216. Do i need a DSLR?
  217. Canon VS. Nikon...
  218. Looking for another prime...
  219. Photos I did for my tattoo shop.
  220. Photo challenge round 6 Fire
  221. Film SLR any use for them now?
  222. FS: Canon 50D $750 OBO
  223. Random shots of Aruba, Half Moon Cay & Calypso Carousel Bahamas
  224. Where are some good car picture spots in lees summit at night?
  225. lense shopping and could use some input
  226. Nikon D7000, or Canon 60D or 7D????
  227. Photo challenge round 7 BOKEH
  228. Ok, so for my birthday I came home with new Camera gear....
  229. FS:Alien bees b800's and light mods
  230. Got to love storage locations
  231. So I needed to get a new camera bag to fit all the new gear.... (DYI, project inside)
  232. Week 8 photo challenge. "Mechanical"
  233. Local Japanese Style Tattoo Shops?
  234. finally able to release the second short film i helped produce
  235. iLol'd
  236. Canon t2i body
  237. Photo challenge round 9 Long exposure
  238. Gear Recommendations?
  239. Organize photos. any software to help with this?
  240. Paranormal pics?
  241. Is this Tyler's Art?
  242. Found this at work tonight
  243. Fs: Canon 30D, bag and nifty fifty
  244. coffee mug stains = art
  245. fs: sony a300 and more
  246. Sigma 18-200mm OS Canon mount
  247. Photo challenge round 10 Light Painting
  248. Photo challenge round ten picture thread. Please no comments in here, just pictures.
  249. FS Canon PowerShot S95 camera mint condition
  250. Could photo gurus give me some quick help if possible?