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  1. Political Cartoons!
  2. Tax Cuts!
  3. "Land of the Free" well not anymore. Man evicted from land for living "too simply"
  4. Will we see life as we know it change drastically?
  5. How much are we spending on foreign aid (% of the federal budget)?
  6. NJ Introduces Bill That Bans TSA Scanners and Pat Downs
  7. Obama taking a LOT of heat from...
  8. Israel using shark warfare to hinder tourism in Egypt!
  9. Elizabeth Edwards dead at 61
  10. Westboro will strike again
  11. The estate tax challenge
  12. mexico
  13. Teen Falls From Plane Headed for Boston
  14. VA Judge Ruled Obamacare is Unconstitutional
  15. If I didn't know better...
  16. New 858 billion dollar tax bill
  17. Its a good thing flying is like fighting with Dilsnick
  18. Interesting article on lame duck session
  19. Extending Pay Freeze to Federal Contractors
  20. 2010 census results
  21. Goodbye Net Neutrality.
  22. Julian Assange on MSNBC (VIDEO)
  24. Youporn Illegal?
  25. EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases
  26. Political Numbers FY: '10
  27. Oil's surge in 2010 paves the way for $4 gasoline
  28. terrorists bombing christians in egypt
  29. California bans 100W light bulbs - Time for some Heat Balls?
  30. Where is the Apoleptic Rage?
  31. Is china flexing on us?
  32. Thoughts on this muslim invasion
  33. Pelosi: Democrats Lost House Because of ... Bush!
  34. Az. Rep Gabrielle Giffords shot
  35. Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket at the funeral of the 9 year old killed in AZ
  36. The American Dream
  37. More Forclosed homes looming in the future
  38. This week's attempts of the EPA to increase your energy costs
  39. For Ryan Stewart...
  40. MSNBC Fires Keith Olbermann
  41. Socialized Medicine Passed by the Founding Fathers?
  42. Obama's Birth Certificate.... New Source
  43. Safe Money on Licensed Software
  44. Wikileaks documents: Saudi Arabia could be running short on oil
  45. Mubarak resigns
  46. Budget cutting
  47. Libya
  48. So who is the party of "No!" again?
  49. Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years
  50. Thanks a lot, pubs
  51. Illinois Bans Capital Punishment
  52. Another unseen consequence of an action of congress
  53. "Your current health insurance plan wont change!"
  54. Wisconsin Senate Reps outflank the Dems
  55. Thanks Republicans!
  56. Now I'm not the biggest Obama fan, but...
  57. Terrifying for democracy and then it gets worse
  58. Do you believe in God?
  59. Panel: Don't treat fliers like terrorists
  60. More Small Gov't Conservativism
  61. Your thoughts v.God and Government
  62. Morality
  63. Beck haters, rejoice. But only a little
  64. Trumps hunt for the truth
  65. Planned Parenthood spent more than $1 million electing Democrats last cycle
  66. Tax breaks for the Rich
  67. Income based traffic fines
  68. Georgia follows Arizona
  69. Want to see where YOUR tax dollars went?
  70. Guess what, you all have Alzheimer's!
  71. Economy being held hostage v2.0
  72. A Simple Thank You
  73. an intelligent yahoo comment by a black conservative what???????
  74. Who is Yahveh?
  75. So this air traffic controller nonsense...
  76. Second Greatest Conqueror [History]
  77. Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  78. want to learn economics?
  79. Interesting tax statistic I came across today
  80. Lets talk about big oil....
  81. Meet Hal Rogers - New Appropriations Committee Chair
  82. Can this Birther Stupidity Please Stop Now?
  83. Lets talk about...The Electoral College
  84. Plum Island II - coming soon to Manhattan KS
  85. Exxon's Press Release About Profits
  87. Obama will not release Osama photos
  88. First GOP debate is tonight.
  89. Housing market continuing down?
  90. Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor 'leaning'
  91. Simple Representation of the Coming Deficits
  92. Head of IMF arrested in NYC
  93. Another gas prices thread
  94. WWRD v. the deficit ceiling
  95. Trump makes prez announcement
  96. Perfect Place?
  97. Syria
  98. Obama's speech on the middle east
  99. Will Obama Violate The War Powers Act?
  100. College Debt Documentary
  101. Joplin MO hit by f4 f5?!?!
  102. Inmates release
  103. Herman Cain't Supporters
  104. Obama renews Patriot Act
  105. WTF Italy....
  106. Factual Look at US Taxation
  107. For Everyone Who Denies the "Liberal Media" Bias.
  108. Unemployment rate rises to 9.1% v. FUCK!!
  109. Florida is doin it right
  110. Does anyone really support Palin anymore?
  111. Hartzler compares gay marriage to incest, allowing 3 year olds to drive
  112. A different Abortion debate
  113. Greek default and more IMF aid
  114. Bilderberg 2011: Official Thread!
  115. Fox News Uses Tina Fey Photo for Sarah Palin Report
  116. Florida government defends requiring drug tests for welfare recipients
  117. The Palin Emails
  118. Anonymous declares war on the system
  119. New Hampshire GOP debate - 13 JUN
  120. Military Strength
  121. Rand Paul vs. Rational Thought
  122. KS: Welcome to your overreaching state gov't
  123. Just a quick refresher on Michelle Bachman
  124. 6th Circuit (and Sutton) Affirm Healthcare Constitutionality
  125. Just wanted to congratulate Obama on winning a second term.
  126. delete
  127. Just a quick refresher on Global Warming
  128. Debt ceiling discussion
  129. Interesting article on drug war spending v.marijuana
  130. Rob bank, get medical care
  131. Nixon OKs drug tests for MO welfare recipients
  132. This is very scary
  133. Islam (What do you think?)
  134. Confucius says...
  135. Explosion in Norway
  136. Cenk Leaves MSNBC (Inside Story)
  137. The Economist's View on the American Debt-Ceiling Situation
  138. ATF Fast & Furious
  139. We Care So Much about the Deficit...We're Making it Worse v.FAA
  140. Ron Paul on the creation of the "Super Congress"
  141. US credit rating just got lowered
  142. 31 Americans dead in helicopter crash...
  143. fix the budget
  144. Ron Paul Highlights - GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa
  145. Ames Straw Poll 2011
  146. Spenditol
  147. Stop coddling the super-rich, Warren Buffett says
  148. Rick Perry... Ready for Primetime?
  149. Not Sure I care enough...
  150. A Step in the Right Direction
  151. Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol
  152. Bachmann claims she worked for the IRS to ‘know’ her ‘enemy’
  153. Rick Perry's response prayer
  154. speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America
  155. US Day of Rage- possible outcome?- Martial law?
  156. Perry Bills Feds $349M for Incarcerating Illegals
  157. Palestinian UN statehood in a couple weeks?
  158. Federal Assistance money from 2009...hard at work, lol
  159. Perry Intimidating Ron Paul?
  160. GOP debates
  161. "businesses do not create jobs"
  162. You be the judge
  163. why are the experts always wrong?
  164. Is this why they're trying to destroy FEMA?
  165. Holy Shit He Might Actually Be a W Clone
  166. debt
  167. "RELIGION of PEACE"
  168. Those damn obstructionist... Dems?
  169. Today's presidential speech....
  170. Kansas City UFOs? Oct. 3 - 5th
  171. Topeka no longer prosecuting Domestic Battery?
  172. Fast and Furious: US Govt style
  173. How's that Austerity Working Out?
  174. So they say the war in Iraq is over? and a date is set? Discuss.
  175. fun fact about louisiana
  176. Dont piss off the Tomb Guard
  177. BP given the OK to drill in the Gulf Again
  178. Capitalism vs Socialism
  179. The Final Countdown Video Series
  180. Obama fundraisers are basically lobbyists too.
  181. What is wrong with cable 'pundit' shows...
  182. Lol, Freddie Mac
  183. KCIR Demolition
  184. Will anything be made in America again?
  185. Is any kind of noise being made about this in the US?
  186. Stop using Homeland Security funds to seize imported vehicles,
  187. Don't know where to start, forced labor below min wage in UK
  188. Why the "Super Committee" is Going to Fail
  189. "We Need a Leader, Not a Reader"
  190. KCSR political experts...
  191. brb, I'm going to Occupy Wall Street....
  192. Wyden filibuster of SOPA and PIPA
  193. Pretty easy to see who the DNC doesnt want to run against
  194. Syria next?
  195. Mccain-Levin bill???
  196. Nando's: Last Dictator Standing
  197. Human timeline and religion, how are they compatible?
  198. The Dream...
  199. Teacher dismissed due to gay porn past
  200. Cain is out of the GOP race
  201. Fast and Furious
  202. Its Still Not Just Buffett...
  203. Seattle welfare recipient lives in million-dollar home
  204. STOCK act discussion
  205. the national defense authorization act
  206. Best troll ever?
  207. Morning after pill shot down?
  208. Taxes and you
  209. Euro drama...
  210. The 1 Percent Club’s Misguided Protectors
  211. Rant on the Dylan Ratigan Show
  212. Anyone want to touch this?
  213. Protesting Considered a Form of Terrorism by Department of Defense?
  214. If Ron Paul Wins Iowa It Doesn't Count - Fox News
  215. Phreak, am i reading this right?
  216. Gingrich and Perry fail to qualify in VA
  217. Ron Paul is clearly a racist
  218. Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location'
  219. US v Iran
  220. $1 coins vs Dollar bills
  221. THE Iowa Caucus thread
  222. MO & KS primary / caucus info
  224. IA Aftermath: Bachmann Out, Perry Next?
  225. What If "They" Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?
  226. Washington: Man Sues After Traffic Cam Ruined Credit Rating
  227. Some Jason Bourne/Mossad shit?
  228. Still Voting For Mitt Romney?
  229. Urinating Marines
  230. Obama downsizing government
  231. Huntsman drops out, backs Romney
  232. Brownback's proposed tax plan
  233. Romney didn't win Iowa?
  234. Perry drops out, backs Newt
  235. Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth
  236. If we didnt have bases there this wouldnt happen...
  237. Bipartisan Seating at the SOTU Tonight?
  238. If you aren't pissed at our governmental spending, please read
  239. Play The Candidate Match Game...
  240. Caucus Chaos Continues: Clark County GOP has more ballots than voters
  241. LOL, North Korea Military: made in the USA!
  243. $25 Billion Bank Job
  244. Nuclear Power Plants get the GREENLIGHT
  245. Is our constitution out dated?
  246. IBksu_13
  247. Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis report on Afghanistan
  248. The Media is Really Trying to Put Out Negative Mitt Stories
  249. Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'
  250. Dodd-Frank madness