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  1. KCSR Benchmark Hall of Fame (3dmark06, Vantage)
  2. KCSR Bag Of Crap Drawing- Round I - ENTER NOW
  3. Just got two of my watches appraised for free, and in less than two hours!
  4. JDLM done been't to joplin
  5. Tragic... We are all thinking about you joel
  6. Lauren Rashelle Hance - 4/29/07-6/22/11
  7. $500 reward. - just kidding
  8. KCSR Holiday Surprise 2011 (Adopt-a-family) $880 raised! FINAL NUMBERS!
  9. So apparently Pauly had a threesome....
  10. Apartment help needed now
  11. blabbermouthkc.com SCAM? EXTORTION? BLACKMAIL? Worst local company ever?
  12. Video In honor of KCSR Member Cale Miller, KIA May 24th, 2012