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  1. DIY Pergola: Show your backyard setups
  2. Old House Problems v.Chimney/fireplace
  3. tile work needed in wichita
  4. DIY Whole-Home Humidification Review
  5. Washer
  6. Dryer help
  7. A lot of movement after this snow
  8. Low Water Pressure - One Shower
  9. DIY work desk? Kee Klamps
  10. Home loan questions?
  11. removing popcorn on ceiling
  12. Adding Kitchen Lighting..... Need Opinions
  13. Garage Build thread
  14. How much was your total polar vertex nat gas/electric bill per sf?
  15. A to Z Handyman
  16. Does anybody have travertine in their shower?
  17. flush toilet, hear gurgling from tub drain?
  18. KCMaxx
  19. Ice forming on gutters
  20. House Painting?
  21. KCMAXX Mike is awesome...Part Eleven!!!
  22. Another KCMAXX Thread :)
  23. Ladder Storage
  24. Drywall repair needed
  25. Electrician or DIY
  26. LED Lighting
  27. Any foundation contractors on here?
  28. Help me plan my kitchen renovation
  29. Any contractors or structural engineers in the house?
  30. Anyone on KCSR do flooring at all?
  31. Another bathroom renovation
  32. Basement Water Damage
  33. Dead Critter?
  34. Anyone know a plumber?
  35. Irrigation well
  36. Lawncare
  37. Concrete work
  38. Dumpster
  39. Places to buy bulk material for landscaping
  40. Much needed garage door replacement
  41. Deck Builders
  42. Hardwood Refinishing
  43. See you soon, Kansas City.
  44. Mudjacking
  45. Yard/landscape stormwater drainage
  46. Roofer Reccomendation
  47. paging self employed contractors/service company owners
  48. Backyard Update
  49. KCMAXX garage guru needed
  50. Need help with exterior paint scheme recommendations and company to do the painting
  51. HMS Home Warranty
  52. Painter Recommendation
  53. any a/c guys?
  54. 1 more project off the list
  55. Best price for stackable wall retaining blocks?
  56. Changing Roof and Paint
  57. Local Shed Companies
  58. Rock Wall Deterioration
  59. Window contractors or general labor - anyone recommend someone?
  60. Dead Tree Solution v. My Dad Is Losing It
  61. Engineering Report
  62. Ever seen water streaming from out the top of a water heater?
  63. Flood Plain Development Permit
  64. Building a Privacy Fence
  65. Plumbing guys?
  66. Did some planting at the house
  67. Help me choose deck stain color
  68. Any plumbers on here?
  69. Obtaining record drawings for my house
  70. My new kitchen!
  71. Sump PUMP
  72. So...tiny houses...
  73. Rental landscape rakes?
  74. Irrigation Bid
  75. Condensing Furnance Vent removal
  76. My latest landscaping work
  77. Spiders - I caught one!
  78. Vinyl Siding : What price to expect?
  79. Building a new house with no RG6 coax installed
  80. Need a plumber - basement bath stub
  81. Backyard playground, firepit and sidewalk.
  82. Refacing Cabinets v. Chalk Paint
  83. Couch Cleaning
  84. New Thermostat Installation Help
  85. To the other anal lawn guys out there: How to get that perfect stripe
  86. Home insurance "CLUE" report?
  87. Need Contractor recomendations for Sheet Rock work, Roofing, etc.
  88. Buying a home and selling yours
  89. Garage Cooling idea
  90. Where can I rent an ozone generator?
  91. Back yard
  92. First time bathroom remodel
  93. Hardwood Floor Redux
  94. New Fence - Property Line Issues...what would you do?
  95. New Countertops
  96. Some kind of critter in my attic
  97. Tankless water heater?
  98. Any plumbers on here?
  99. Plumbers? Plumbers.
  100. Anyone ever finish a small basement?
  101. Electricity goes out/on-Any electricians in here?
  102. furnace filter question
  103. HVAC guy
  104. Anybody on here aerate or verticut and overseed lawns?
  105. Handmade KC Chiefs/Royals sign I completed today
  106. Popcorn removal and knock-down install
  107. Help me choose a paint..
  108. Drawer foam for tool chest
  109. Winterizing sprinkler
  110. Any Roofers?
  111. Winterizer
  112. Building a cover over patio..... need some pointers
  113. My latest creations (handcrafted wood signs)
  114. LED bulbs on sale
  115. Home Security
  116. Recomendations for new furnace?
  117. Lawnmower Welding Needed - Quick Cash for Somebody
  118. Quality Gas Logs?
  119. Anyone DIY their own home speaker setups?
  120. leaf cleanup
  121. Fml v. Chimney
  122. Looking for the following (Garage Door Guy, and Fire Place Guy)
  123. Water heater: tank vs tankless
  124. Concrete Pad, what should I expect to pay?
  125. 95% furnace intake/exhaust vent routing?
  126. Anyone here test for radon?
  127. Any plumbers? Copper and solder question
  128. Whole House Humidifier Cost?
  129. How to seal chimney draft?
  130. toilet/water pressure questions
  131. septic cleaning
  132. Banks w/ Builders loans and being your own GC
  133. Heating and cooling experts enter asap!
  134. Shade Trees in backyard
  135. Recommend A good Home Inspector
  136. Looking for a wireless lamp switch...
  137. New Construction Financing - How Does It Work
  138. Who are my tile people here
  139. Reccomendations on KC residential asphalt and concrete
  140. Roof Framing Experience
  141. Foundation Repair Recommendations Needed
  142. Shower Door Frame Minus the Doors
  143. Kitchen Remodel - Before & After
  144. Mirror Mirror on the wall!
  145. What light fixtures are people using in their shops/garages?
  146. Vole control recommendations?
  147. deck stair stringers
  148. Master Bath Remodel
  149. So when your garage door opener stops working.....
  150. How would you fix this?
  151. Gas Line (Black Pipe) Install Help
  152. Deck Stain removal
  153. Know anybody that digs holes?
  154. Three Tips for a Beautiful Lawn
  155. Very Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips
  156. Suggestions For Finishing This Plumbing Access Opening on Roman Tub
  157. Small Living Room Decorating Ideas for You
  158. BuddyLee New Home Build
  159. Anyone playing with IFTTT stuff? Specifically WeMo
  160. Water - Main Line Issue?
  161. Solar Panels
  162. Pre-wire for Security or Not?
  163. Anyone know a good electrician?
  164. Anyone know a good landscape designer? (or even someone that has a clue)
  165. The Day Finally Arrived (New Homeowner Thread)
  166. My Garage Project
  167. Lawn Repair Advice Needed
  168. Carpet cleaning
  169. Is there section 8 in JoCo?
  170. Anyone have any recommendations for deck staining and sanding?
  171. Water in the basement
  172. Any connection with painters? Need house painted. (Pictures)
  173. Exterminators
  174. Ridgid 5x Combo set- $399
  175. Home Automation
  176. In need of some new gutters.
  177. company to remove poison plants?
  178. Refinishing Small Basement
  179. Kitchen remodelers...?
  180. BuddyLee Home Automation Build
  181. Buying my first house
  182. Emerald Ash Borer
  183. Residential AC work
  184. Favorite lumber yards in KC?
  185. Attic Flooring
  186. Central air replacement questions
  187. Anyone on here do framing/drywall type work?
  188. Media Blasting? aka Asshole painted the patio pink
  189. carpet cleaning services
  190. Where to get bathroom cabinets?
  191. How To Sell A Home with a Negative Grade Backyard
  192. Add On or Buy Different House?
  193. Parents: how to shut down your teens house party while you are away
  194. My deck refinishing nightmare
  195. Concrete Patio
  196. Arborist?
  197. Building my own home audio system
  198. Tesla unveils a battery to power your home, completely off grid
  199. Who was it here that did awesome tile work?
  200. loose tile
  201. Outdoor speaker setup?
  202. Recommend: Window pane replacement service in KC
  203. Wood Rot
  204. Security cameras - "kit" or DIY network?
  205. Well we bought a house
  206. Another Satisfied KCMAXX Customer
  207. Tempurpedic mattress?
  208. Lets talk grilles
  209. Fall lawncare
  210. Winter Home Prep
  211. Project: Garage Floor Epoxy (Pics included)
  212. Too early to mow the lawn?
  213. tim_ws6's Kitchen Remodel
  214. Any KCSR electricians?
  215. Plumbing code question. Can you help???
  216. Need drywall repairs
  217. KCMAXX
  218. Window leaking water/air - who to call ?
  219. Sauna project in basement [pics]
  220. Framing & Drywall
  221. Kitchen rolling island/ cart thing
  222. Popcorn Ceiling Removal
  223. Surround sound setup
  224. Any Home hvac experts available?
  225. Build Thread - 1700 Sq Ft Addition
  226. Any structural engineers here?
  227. Kitchen countertops, can't decide what I want!
  228. need a load of dirt
  229. Ever think about buying a tiny home?
  230. Fireplace Brick Facade
  231. New Island Pendant Lighting
  232. Old Leawood Remodel
  233. Time for a new mower
  234. Drive Ways
  235. Mow Service Northland
  236. Home Security System Recommendation
  237. Storage Shed
  238. KCPL Meter upgrade, anyone else forced to get it?
  239. Renewal by Andersen Windows
  240. Garage door opener springs
  241. Lawn Mowing
  242. Need yard mowed.
  243. Decks
  244. Shitty Mongolian wall project
  245. Painting - special/faux finishes
  246. Lake house remodel warning pic heavy
  247. Walls
  248. Finishing basement, alternative to drop ceiling?
  249. Can your A/C Keep up?
  250. Pest control company or DIY ?