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  1. Mortgage Process Right Now
  2. Mint.com
  3. Anyone Own rental proerty?
  4. Starting my first 401k, need some input
  5. Am I looking at this wrong?
  6. Self Employed
  7. Help with credit cards...
  8. Some Taxpayers Must Wait to File 2010 Federal Returns
  9. Tax related question
  10. Credit Report Question
  11. Credit Report Monitoring
  12. Question about purchasing a home
  13. Bank CD's rates
  14. small business credit card questions
  15. The Market: I swear.....
  16. Day Trading
  17. w-4 adjustment
  18. Housing Market
  19. Meh, I'll leave this here
  20. Need investing advice
  21. IRA, and Roth IRA low interest?
  22. Max tax deferred?
  23. So what's the deal on housing lenders?
  24. 403A vs 403B vs 401K
  25. You think your real estate market is bad?
  26. Becoming a Notary in the state of Missouri
  27. Retirement Ignorance:
  28. Getting a loan with none or little credit?
  29. Looking for 401k advice
  30. scottrade
  31. Money Mangement
  32. Investing in Gold and Silver
  33. FHA loans
  34. Up & Coming companies
  35. Insurance Ideas?
  36. Auto Loan
  37. Long Distance Purchase
  38. Student Load Consolidation Question
  39. 401k gave me access to money markets and stocks
  40. Primerica?
  41. Are balance transfers on CC's bad?
  42. Self Directed 401k Question
  43. American Airlines Bankruptcy
  44. Question for accountants..
  45. Online marketing question
  46. Mortgage Question
  47. Bank of America Stock
  48. Changing jobs, considering on not doing a 401K and paying more into my home loan
  49. Questions about 501C
  50. 401K rollover: IRA options/opinions
  51. Extra money into mortgage, buy land, or put in bank?
  52. Tax Time
  53. Resident and Non Resident Tax Question
  54. Facebook IPO
  55. Anyone ever had a construction loan?
  56. Question about roth IRA/ stock overage
  57. Tax Question - Tuition Reimbursement
  58. Good resources for 1st time homebuyers?
  59. Stock Traders
  60. Refinance Dilemma
  61. 401k/457b question
  62. Tax question about moving to Kansas late in the year
  63. Anybody have an experience with Pioneer Financial Services?
  64. Garnishments
  65. Tax Refund Missing?
  66. anyone do unsecured installment loans?
  67. Not enough credit v. Auto Loan
  68. Mortgage calculator
  69. Is it possible to roll debt into a new loan/mortgage ?
  70. new biz. wanting to sart.
  71. Lee's Summit Banks
  72. Quick Credit Card Question
  73. Rent vs Buy Advice
  74. Credit Dispute Reporting Exper vs Trans vs Equi
  75. Health Insurance??
  76. I forgot all about the KCSR stock exchange. Here it is.
  77. Establishing an LLC?
  78. Your family is probably losing $155K from 401(k) plan, and why new rules won't help
  79. HSA, who do you use?
  80. Selling home by owner
  81. Financial Planner Wanted
  82. "Bad Credit" Home Loans
  83. Switch bank to switch to..
  84. Credit Report Question : Anyone know what NPC-ACQ is?
  85. Looking for partner to sell on ebay
  86. Any SEO Experts on here?
  87. HSA options
  88. Private Student Loans
  89. Mortgage Refinancing
  90. Credit Monitoring Services
  91. Dave Ramsey classes started in Leavenworth
  92. When is a good time to start investing?
  93. First Time Home Buyer
  94. Investing 50K...
  95. Building credit
  96. Auto refi and purchase
  97. Anyone gotten an FHA loan on here?
  98. Traditional IRA vs. SEP IRA
  99. Sour Experience with Capital One Credit.
  100. Looking for shark in kansas city metro area
  101. laws for homeowners
  102. The AMT fix
  103. Investors wanted
  104. Business Term Loan Specials
  105. Commercial Real Estate Loans
  106. Home Equity Line of Credit
  107. Just some friendly advice for Home Buyers!
  108. I need help filing my taxes this year...
  109. For the finance members of KCSR
  110. For the lucky few
  111. Explain roth ira to me :S
  112. Any one have an extra car
  113. Silver
  114. Kiva
  115. Lending Club, seeking advice :D
  116. 3 big Q's we should all ask ourselves
  117. The Roth IRA
  118. I need some money for an investment opportunity.
  119. Stock guesses
  120. What would KCSR do?
  121. Any rental income property owners here?
  122. Best bank for a young couple
  123. iLA partnership up to 2500+ a month
  124. Deletw
  125. Credit Card Balance Transfers
  126. Income Tax Reporting Question
  127. Need some help
  128. Pay Off Or Pay Down
  129. Bitcoin
  130. I Need A Loan Shark - SECURE must read if your about making money
  131. 2A friendly banks
  132. Share Stock Investment In India
  133. Best short term investment
  134. KCSR Networking group
  135. Great PBS Frontline documentary on America's retirement and investing
  136. Tax Deduction Help
  138. vehicle sales tax ?
  139. Looking for recommendations for mortgage lenders
  140. Cutting down your insurance costs!
  141. Has anyone made an LLC in MO?
  142. 2013-2014 STOCK EXCHANGE GAME KCSR3
  143. Logo 1 or Logo 2
  144. Anyone enrolled in or graduated from UMKC with their Masters of Science in Finance?
  145. refinance a private student loan
  146. Buying my first home
  147. New Trading and Bartering Classifieds
  148. Loans
  149. Inexpensive Accounting Software?
  150. Housing Market
  151. Making An Offer - What's Appropriate?
  152. whats your side hustle?
  153. fixing my credit
  154. Tax accountant recommendations/advice
  155. First Time Credit Card
  156. New business idea for fun
  157. Do you own your own business and have old accounts receivable issues?
  158. Those of you that own a small business...
  159. Private Student Loan Refinace Advice
  160. Educate me on first time home loans...
  161. Tax Professionals?
  162. All I have is w2 form...
  163. Small Business Suggestions
  164. Mortgage Loan Advice
  165. Good Sources of Financial Information.
  166. Scottrade and similiar service users
  167. Someone explain airline credit cards to me...
  168. Does Anyone Have Any Online Savings Accounts
  169. Credit Monitoring
  170. Renting Office Space
  171. Great Car Rates
  172. The fun of buying a house begins.
  173. Employer not paying insurance premiums
  174. Talk to me about 401k's.
  175. iPad POS (point of sale) for small business?
  176. JoCo Foreclosure auction tomorow
  177. Auto loan for older vehicle
  178. anyone looking for a foreclosure property?
  179. What's your experience with compound interest?
  180. Do we have any successful day traders here?
  181. Robinhood
  182. Anyone bought property at JoCo foreclosure auction?
  183. Costco is ending their relationship with Amex
  184. 95% Cash out refi
  185. Emergency Fund
  186. Holy shit, netflix stock just jumped like crazy
  187. VA Loan
  188. Paying off house early?
  189. Anyone own Berkshire Hathaway stock?
  190. Anyone use Central bank of midwest?
  191. Anyone with a Vanguard account, specifically a Vanguard brokerage account?
  192. New Chase Credit Card policy
  193. The time has finally come.
  194. Southwest Credit Card and Rapid Rewards
  195. Bank Advice (personal checking and loan refi)
  196. Banking Questions
  197. TAX issue from 2012, need some help
  198. Interesting Perspective on Finances
  199. Coming into "life changing" property.
  200. Anyone have a Costco American Express?
  201. Tax Question - 2 unmarried parties and mortgage interest
  202. Ruling: Kansans may get KCMO earnings tax refunds
  203. Any downside to "fee free" balance transfers?
  204. who should I go to file my Taxes?
  205. Open IRA or add to 401k
  206. Religiously opting out of social security?
  207. CommonBond Student Loan Refinance
  208. has anybody purchased/sold oil & gas royalties or mineral rights
  209. Time Vs Money
  210. What do you do for a living?
  211. Buying a house that is FSBO
  212. Home buying question/issue
  213. Child Care Cost Help
  214. Take it or leave it
  215. Looking into some property, unsure of where to start.
  216. Marijuana Start ups
  217. What do you put your 401k toward?
  218. Question about receiving two W2 (is this the right section?)
  219. 1099 Stock Questions
  220. Looking for a good realtor and loan officer
  221. Tax Returns
  222. We are now not required to indicate individual coverage...
  223. Going out on my own
  224. Cerner CEO Neal Patterson Dead at 67
  225. Lifelock
  226. Best credit cards for rewards
  227. Rental Property Owners get in here.
  228. Tax Return Question
  229. Mastercard gift cards
  230. Not sure what to expect to get. After moving out...
  231. 2021 Stock Market..... whos in? whats hot?
  232. Recommend a Property Management Company that you actually use
  233. Janet Yellen suggests 'curtailing' cryptocurrency
  234. How much did you make (For real) off GME, AMC, BB, etc?
  235. Anyone else watching something like this
  236. Is it time to buy Gold and Silver?