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2011-07-29, 10:14 AM
Yes, I'm treating KCSR like my own Angie's List but w/e, I'm on board with giving board members preference as well...

Brookside/Waldo area, looking for an exterminator. I honestly don't know if it matters or not (I don't think it does) but the main issues are spiders (now) and sometimes in early spring ants try to move in on my kitchen.

I do the semi-annual spray around the foundation but the house is old with too many leaks and the spiders are getting fucking annoying.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

2011-07-29, 11:09 AM

2011-07-29, 11:42 AM
For the ants....


The trick is let them have it. Don't spray or disrupt them. Let them have all the Terro they want, and they won't come back. Initially, it will draw more ants, but you MUST resist the urge to smash or spray them.

2011-07-29, 11:53 AM
Terro sucked for my house fucking sugar ants didn't die :rofl:

Captain Big Dick
2011-07-30, 03:07 AM
i hear vexcon does some decent work. did a great job at the penthouse. i have (had) a serious black widow problem. we no longer have spiders. would highly recommend billy.