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2011-08-25, 09:39 PM
Looking to paint my house. Looking for a painter / company who can also do small carpentry; I need a couple fascia boards and trim boards replaced. Like 6 boards total.

Located in Indep, built '81 (no lead).

Got three quotes already but they're each about $800 apart from each other. Figure a fourth quote would be a tie-breaker.


2011-08-25, 11:10 PM
Ad Astra Paint Company... it's Lawrence so I don't know if he could get to you, but he paints homes that are monsters. I've been with him for a year or so... probably going to be more expensive, but he's not some tweaker or college paint company. The guy is probably one of the best around here.


2011-08-26, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the idea, but I'm not sure I want to pay that guy's travel time.

Anybody know somebody in the Metro?

2011-08-27, 06:24 PM
no worries, he paints all over the area. Every McDonad's in Lawrence, Topeka, some of KC... so there is some travel. Whatever you do, please buy a high quality paint, and don't let them spray (if it's exterior), it will use a ton more paint and they will water it down.

Expect to pay 40-60 a gallon if you want it to last... Benjamin Moore's Aura line is as good as it gets.

2011-08-27, 11:49 PM
Two out of three recommended Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Both said they didn't like the "Duration" product b/c it was thin.

Most expensive bid was spray + backroll. 14 gals 1st coat, 7-10 2nd.
Middle bid was spray + backroll. Approx 25 gallons total.
Low bid was roll applied. Approx 15 gallons total.

I've got one more guy to call next week. Hope that will give some direction. I didn't expect to get bids $1600 different for basically the same work (Pwash, scrape, caulk, prime, paint 2 coats).

2011-08-29, 12:19 AM
Super paint isn't bad, but it's nowhere near the quality of Aura... Most will go to SW because of the discount they can get. I can't say you wouldn't be happy w/ it, but it wouldn't hold as long as Aura. The Aura has a built in primer and is an amazing product.

I am painting my parents house w/ Aura right now, and I wouldn't use another product. Sherwin product was used on my home before I knew any better. When I'm stuck repainting a 2 year old paint job, I will use Aura. You can see my house on this section of the forum... it would take less than 5 gal of Aura to paint my home by hand w/ application so heavy it would almost run.

My folks were not wanting me to paint it at first, because they thought it would be too much trouble. They were quoted anywhere from $3500-$5k, and that was w/ a much lower quality paint. My dad is smart and refuses to let them spray it, as he has lap siding all the way around. You WILL receive a higher quality job w/ a brush job, if you're talking exterior.

For an example on how you're getting screwed paint volume... sprayed he was quoted at 15-20 gallons including trim. Me and one other guy will each have 25 hrs invested by brushing and will use no more than 7 gallons of body color, and possibly a shade more than 2 gallons of trim (trim included a huge front porch w/ spindles). This huge offset in amount of product will allow you to use a higher quality paint. It goes a lot longer when brushed and covers so easily. It will end up being a higher quality job, and just as much coverage.

Spraying and backrolling is just a technique to save time, it does not produce the same quality/coverage. It uses far more product than is necessary, but those tweaker painters are just trying to maximize their profit.

What kind of siding do you have? Do you have any T 1-11, or is it all lap? Spraying T1-11 is much easier, or even cutting it in and rolling it would be better simply because it would save on product.

Got pics of the house? It could help me come up w/ an idea of what it would cost.... Unless this is new construction and you're staying w/ a color that is in the same range or going darker, you truly would only need one coat of Aura brush applied. If it was new construction I would prime it and then apply 1 coat of Aura and a second if needed....

I wish I would have taken some before and after pics, but we pwash, caulked, scraped what was needed... patched and replaced some rough cedar trim ( as a favor) and painted the 2000sq/ft home w/ 2 car garage... 2/3 of which was ladder work for $2500 and my folks bought the products. They will be in it for less than $3500 w/ everything including feeding us lunches, lol. Through my boss it would have cost north of $5500 but would have been worth every dime. I actually purchased the product w/ our discount, but it didn't save a ton. $50/gal paint was used, but still cheaper than using superpaint sprayed because of the volume difference. 2 coats was not even a consideration because it was no where near necessary.

I hope this helps you out some and would be more than happy to offer any other help.

Do you really think you're going to get the same quality from a group of guys that come out and bang out the house in less than 1 day... and are going to be a pain in the ass to get to come back?

2011-08-29, 12:20 AM
And you will get wide ranges in bids... some are surely worth the difference, and others are not. You really need to know the history of your painter, or have a "good" personal reference from someone you trust to know if they are worth it.

Don't forget to use your gut when making your decision either...

My info is based on my experience and my bosses expertise... he has had single family homes where his paint and stainwork has billed out more than $100k on occasion. I was part of one that was north of $60k in work. These were new construction homes of course.

2011-08-29, 10:37 AM
Jim Armstrong


He did my house, did an awesome job, had to replace trim too.

2011-09-01, 10:25 AM
BryanW203 - Thanks, I'll give that guy a call.

Polock - It's a board and bat, three gable, raised ranch with an added dormer on the rear roof. North gable is 26', south is 20' and the front gable is also 20' - so there's plenty of ladder work. Front gable has decorative trim.

You said 2000 sqft, is that interior or ext? My house is about 3000sqft and the exterior is about 17 squares.

2011-09-01, 11:39 AM
Looking to paint my house. Looking for a painter / company who can also do small carpentry; I need a couple fascia boards and trim boards replaced. Like 6 boards total.

Located in Indep, built '81 (no lead).

Got three quotes already but they're each about $800 apart from each other. Figure a fourth quote would be a tie-breaker.


Bollinger Painting, LLC