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2011-09-21, 05:58 PM
My wife and i finally are buying new house, we get to move in in 9 day's.We are so excited, it need's a little work but a hell of a price.It has new central air,new front wrap around porch,new roof.4 bedroom ,full unfinished basement,hard wood floors,hard wood floors through out.Lots of wood work. Corner lot, it's in a very small town outside of kc 1 hour.:thumbsup:

2011-09-21, 06:16 PM
Cool looking old house!

Congrats! :thumbsup:

2011-09-21, 06:32 PM
Thank you we have been looking for an old house for a year now and this one fit the bill perfect.It was built in the late 1800s and then in 1920 the laundry room and porch was added.2 yrs ago the up grades and preventive work was done.It really does feel good to be home owner

2011-09-21, 06:44 PM
Looks pretty cool.

Insulation and window upgrades? It looks like it is still rocking single pane windows.

Methinks your heating and cooling bills are gonna suck.

2011-09-21, 07:36 PM
Yes window's are still single .lol.When the updated the centrail air they blew in insulation so it shouldnt be that bad.Only bad thing is the garage is a 1 car blah.........:skep:

2011-09-21, 07:38 PM

2011-09-21, 07:44 PM
no it's in chilhowee,missouri 18 miles south west of warrensburg:mrgreen:

2011-09-21, 09:12 PM
knob and tube i assume?

2011-09-21, 10:14 PM
knob and tube i assume?
sorry you mean knob noster? if not i must be ignorant i have no idea what your asking.

2011-09-21, 11:59 PM
sorry you mean knob noster? if not i must be ignorant i have no idea what your asking.

He means knob and tube wiring. It is a very old style of electrical wiring that was used in most houses up until the 1930's. Personally, if it was me and I found out it was knob and tube wiring I would have the electrical all redone to code sometime in the near future. If it is in good shape it should be fine but more than likely in a house that age there will be plenty of problems.

Some insurance policies wont even cover you if you have that type of wiring.


2011-09-22, 08:04 AM
Oic thanks for explaining to me i will definitly find out.I know the real estate agent said about 2 yrs ago they re did the electricalb because the was very few light switches and lights for that matter.But thats a question i would of ASKEDif i would of knew better thank you:thumbsup:

2011-09-22, 12:24 PM

2011-09-22, 01:33 PM
will do:mrgreen:

2011-09-22, 02:30 PM
one thing that could be a very good purchase for you would be an inspection camera (like http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/DURATOOL-22-10570-/22-10570 ) because it will allow you to take a look yourself as you improvements, check over the 'redone' wiring, etc. even if the electrical was done right (let's hope for your sake), the tool can come in handy as you inevitably try to fish things through walls, etc.

another thing that might be helpful is to find out who did the electrical work and try to talk with them about it.

regardless, congrats on the purchase. my wife wants to move out of the city to an old house at some point, it still amazes me what you can get for the money...

2011-09-22, 03:32 PM
I agree we lived in north kc 3 year's ago because it was close to school for my wife.Now she has 2 yrs left of school and my location does not matter because i travel regardless where i live.
The crime rate is almost zero, we leave key's in car's door's unlocked.It's just a great close nit community everyone look's out for one another.There are many houses that sold down here for less than 40k and the were victorian fixer uppers.Where can i buy that tool you were talking about and also i am going to get that tattoo like your avatar thats awesome.:cheers:

2011-09-22, 04:08 PM
the tool can be purchased online or most stores with mid level automotive tools (Sears, Advance, Autozone) will have them. oddly enough I just saw a really nice one at Costco in Lenexa of all places ($150).