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2012-01-18, 05:51 PM
Ok so I just finished my basement remodel and added in a full bathroom. I added a tub and shower and my question is when I turn on the tub faucet water comes out of the shower head. It doesn't come on full blast but it's a good flow. Any advice or suggestions?

2012-01-18, 05:52 PM
Sounds like a stem isn't seated properly or it is faulty (mine did the same thing)

2012-01-18, 05:55 PM
Or the cartridge got broken during install...

2012-01-18, 08:17 PM
most of the time its a leaky seal o ring in the diverter is it a 3 or single handle
some are just crappy like that lots of the cheap single handles do that if you dont want to fix it just get a cheap shower head shut off for it when using the bath