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Billy Mild
2012-03-22, 05:36 PM
Just a little background. My yard is F'd. I'm talking only about 5 or 6 spots with grass remain. It is mostly in the shade due to trees overhead. This weekend I am wanting to put down some grass seed and hopefully get something to grow. Is there a way to help speed this process along? We have 2 dogs and they just keep dragging mud back in since there is no grass back there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2012-03-22, 05:43 PM
What does any thing in life need to grow? Food and water. Also, keep your dogs off of it. It's not difficult to walk a dog and they'd probably enjoy it.

2012-03-22, 05:47 PM
if you really wanted grass you would have seeded in the fall but starting now should have done it before this weeks rain

2012-03-22, 05:54 PM
Break up the ground, put seed down, put some straw over it and keep it wet. You may try to go over to the grass pad and see what they recommend. They have a fairly inexpensive year-round "idiot proof program to make a great looking lawn and it is pretty easy.

2012-03-22, 06:20 PM
Shoot the dog...

Ryan D
2012-03-22, 07:55 PM
You will have to keep the dogs off it for a while.

2012-03-22, 08:13 PM
Throw down rye seed. It's sprouts really fast but doesn't last long. It will be there until whatever you planted comes in.

2012-03-22, 08:33 PM
Why is there no grass growing there now?

2012-03-22, 09:44 PM
Why is there no grass growing there now?

im sure it has something to do with dogs running on it

2012-03-22, 11:49 PM
im sure it has something to do with dogs running on it

My dogs have runs around the perimeter of my yard. In 2 weeks I am tearing it up and re-grading it and I going to have to replant. It's gonna suck.

2012-03-23, 12:35 AM
my grass was coming up great but im afraid all this rain may have hurt the growth. until the rain it had been getting watered 4 times a day

2012-03-23, 12:42 AM
I gotta mow this weekend. You can have some of mine.

2012-03-23, 01:18 PM
you should still be able to get it down... and have it take.

Billy Mild
2012-03-23, 01:38 PM
Shoot the dog...

Fuck no.

You will have to keep the dogs off it for a while.

I figured that I would need to.

Why is there no grass growing there now?

Not really sure the grass slowly started going away.

2012-03-23, 01:39 PM
sounds like a bug/grub or someone killed it off unknowingly

2012-03-24, 12:03 AM
Sod sounds like a winner.

Billy Mild
2012-03-28, 05:08 PM
Over the weekend we ended up power raking the yard to breakup the ground, then we laid down grass seed along with starter fertilizer. In the really bad spots we put some top soil down to help provide some good nutrients. We are keeping the dogs out of the yard to hopefully help the grass grow back. We are using full shade grass seed back there since it doesn't get any sun during the summer because of trees. I will be keeping the top of the soil damp by watering it every night. I hope to see some results soon.