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2012-03-26, 12:28 PM
Hello! This year I'd like to take care of two exterior projects for my house in southwestern Olathe, budget permitting. I am interested in seeking professional help or estimates since I personally am not the most handy, but I am always willing to attempt DIY projects of lesser difficulty and to step in if it will help save on expense...

First, I will be power-washing and re-staining or painting my backyard deck. It's not huge, but it is two-tiered and I suspect that I will need to replace a few boards here and there that may be rotting. In general, the deck is very sturdy still and I think just needs cosmetic work, plus covering the undersides of all the handrails because we get a lot of wasps trying to build nests there. I can handle the power-washing and the handrails myself, but I may need some help with refinishing and replacing any rotted boards. Additionally, I am also interested in modifying the stairs a bit if it's within my budget... And ideally, I would also like to convert the area beneath the top tier into a functional storage space OR use it as a shaded area for a custom dog run that we would integrate around it. That part is wishful thinking for this year's budget, but it may be the time to start planning and getting estimates...

Secondly, my front porch/landing is pretty unattractive and unsafe really. It consists of long concrete steps and a concrete landing, which get slippery in the winter. The concrete slab on the landing appears to be part of the foundation, but there is a gap between the bottom of the slab and the level of the dirt (from the ground settling over time, I suppose) and the bottom is slowly crumbling. I suspect that I would need to mud-jack in that area regardless of what I do, but I don't know for sure... If I kept the porch/landing as-is, I would need to mud-jack and then do some landscape work throughout the front of the house, but I rather not keep it because I don't really like the appearance and winter slipperiness anyway. I would prefer to remove the concrete steps and landing and replace them with a useful front deck/porch. If I go as large as I'd like with it, this would also eliminate the need for the additional filler dirt and landscaping in the front of the house and would encompass about 250 square feet (25'W x 10'D). For this project, I would definitely need professional help with removing the concrete steps and landing, if possible, and also likely with framing the deck and posts since I've never built one and I only have a Home Depot DIY book and YouTube to reference and that seems to be the trickier parts! I should be able to lay down boards and depending on what I learn from the backyard deck project, I may be up for staining or painting it myself also.

I'd love to hear from you if your area of expertise falls into any of my help requirements for this project or if you have a recommendation for someone I should contact. Again, I am located in southwestern Olathe. Thanks for reading!

2012-03-26, 12:36 PM
I was in home remodeling for 6 years but now work as a mechanic. I am not perfect but I have built a few decks. I am also really cheap lol. Pm me if you want me to come by and take a look.

2012-03-28, 12:18 AM
Update / FYI - My wife is willing to trade professional, certified dog-training for help with this project as well! PM me if you're interested. Thanks!