View Full Version : Avoid Hot Bodies racing like the black plague

2012-06-09, 07:23 PM
So, why does this company suck so bad?

I ordered an undertail / fender eliminator kit for my 11' ZX10R from them a few weeks ago.

I received the kit the first time, and they forgot to include the license plate brackets. How convenient!

So, I had to hassle them for a week to get the license plate brackets shipped to me.

I finally receive those, go to install the kit, and it's got to be the absolute WORST fitting piece of plastic crap known to the human race. It looks like they let a 5 year old with a hacksaw loose in their factory and said make ZX10R tails!

The license plate LED was dead on arrival, and will not illuminate (with proper wiring). The rear light mount is miss drilled and points the light slightly to the right, even after playing with various hardware adjustments for hours. The "vent" opening in the rear that covers the tail light has a huge gap in it, and will not align properly.

The trunk lock mechanism will not pop open fully now, making it difficult to reinstall the passenger seat after you've taken it off.

The green paint barely matches, and looks like it was rattle canned on there as well.

I called them up, have emailed them photo proof of everything that's going on with this piece of crap, and they refuse to work with me on the issues.

Avoid this company like the black plague. It's a complete waste of your money and time.

Here ya go, look at this shitty ass gap:


I can damn near stick my finger through this side:



Inoperable LED, right after install, and even had the local shop check my wiring (not difficult w/ a power and a ground!):


Shitty ass fitment between the stock paneling, and the tail assembly:


Had to bend down the plastic tray just to get the rear seat to click back into its place: