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2012-07-13, 10:08 PM
I am in search of a harley tech or a motorcycle mechanic that is able to help me and possibly make some cash on the side.

I just brought my fathers old harley home. he passed recently so I would like to fix it and get riding it again. It has been sitting for some years and I know of a few things it needs, however I am not a motorcycle mechanic, dont know my way around them that well and would prefer to have some help so i dont screw something up.

the Bike is a 1979 FXS Lowrider, 12k original miles but like i said needs some tlc and a few parts. if anybody knows someone or a good shop that wont dick me around on pricing and repair turn around please post here, any shops or dealers to stay away from would also be helpful. for information sake...i already have talked to Gail's HD, they said they will not work on a bike this old but i am able to get some good part prices from them. Thanks in advance

2012-07-13, 10:09 PM

this is the bike in need of tlc

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2012-07-16, 10:16 AM
I am not much help man, but that is a pretty sharp bike for being as old as it is. Sorry to hear about your dad.

You may hit a few bike nights and just start talking to people. You may find a handful interested enough to help you out and walk you though some stuff.

2012-07-18, 09:08 PM
thanks...it sat for a while...but i got it running and i am cleaning out the gas tanks and fuel system right now...still sounds as mean as ever

2012-07-27, 11:50 AM
figured i would update...

tore the bike down got the tanks cleaned and parts ordered...found out some interesting stuff about how much isnt stock anymore, should be a fun time and something to keep me busy for sure especially to get riding it again