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2012-08-09, 10:43 AM
My wife just texted me and told me Restaurant Impossible was filming down at Poco's on SW BLVD. Anyone confirm? Might be fun to check out. I drive by that place every morning on the way to work.

Chef Robert Irvine has likely yelled and quite possibly cried at Poco's on the Boulevard in the past 48 hours. His crew for the television show, Restaurant Impossible (http://www.foodnetwork.com/restaurant-impossible/index.html) (a mash-up of Extreme Home Makeover and Dinner: Impossible), has spent the beginning part of this week remaking the eatery at 3063 Southwest Boulevard [h/t to @o_line].

Poco's has had a difficult few years, closing briefly in early 2009 before reopening later that summer. Owner Lorenza "Poco" Gutierrez, who converted the former Waid's restaurant into a hopping brunch spot, passed away (http://www.pitch.com/fatcity/archives/2012/05/17/popular-restaurateur-lorenza-poco-guiterrez-passes-away) this May. Thus, it's not surprising that Irvine would take on the diner for a renovation. His show specializes in restaurants that need makeovers (the gimmick being that the makeover has to be done in two days and for $10,000). The new Poco's debuts in less than 24 hours. The dining room is full for tomorrow, but Poco's is taking reservations through Saturday. You can leave a message at 816-931-2526.

2012-08-09, 10:48 AM
Confirmed on facebook.


2012-08-09, 11:29 AM
I plan on trying it out soon. Hopefully the food is good!