View Full Version : wtb - 90-93 integra sedan -- RS/LS/GS

2012-12-31, 09:51 AM
Im looking for a nonrunning, shell basically. Any color is ok, no major damage (core support, quarters, etc), no major rust. Prefer a 5 speed, but auto's are ok too. engine and transmission not needed, it doesnt need to run and/or drive, but it must have complete interior for me to consider.

90-93 Integra Sedan ONLY
Engine/Trans not needed
Auto or 5 speed, doesnt matter
Color, doesnt matter
Interior must be fairly complete and in half decent condition
Prefer no wiring hackjob, nightmares, etc.
Major frame/collision damage free
Major rust damage free

I think that about covers it, so post what you got! Im in no rush to buy, but I miss my old sedan and since I cant sell my coupe, I figure ill resurrect a sedan and crush the coupe!