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2013-06-25, 05:51 PM
Asking/Offering Price: 6k obo or trade
Location: Overland Park
Name: Paul Gallizzi

Year: 1990
Make: Mazda
Model: Miata
Mileage: 201XXX
Title Status: CLean Kansas title
Transmission: 5spd
Drivetrain: rwd

Hey guys looking to possibly let go of my miata. I DON'T need to get rid of it so please keep crazy low ball offers to yourself. It's a 1990 Miata I'm the second owner. Track prepped no ac or power steering. Still has working heat and defrost. This is my daily driver so I have retained the factory seat belts. Has seats/dash/radio and door cards otherwise the interior has been stripped of non essential items.
Has a grip royal wheel with boss hub (no air bags in car) horn no longer works (horn delete plate)

Two "sparco eve 2 plus" fixed position bucket seats mounted to the floor for maximum head room to pass the broomstick test. Seats are non adjustable. They don't slide they don't recline they are just there bolted directly to the floor. Has a rollbar not sure on brand bought it used from a friend. Bosal spec miata exhaust with test pipe (aka it will not pass emissions) on a stock exhaust manifold. New timing belt/water pump all new oil seals (except the oil pan) and accessory belts. Headlights have been converted to h4 instead of the factory sealed beam. Currently has 3k hids in them (yellow colored)

Lowered on Megan ex street full body 15way coilovers. Has custom extended rear upper control arms and danny george cut knuckles up front for more steering angle. New brakes a few months old. Has dunlop dz101 on front with good tread and currently running Mirada somethings on the rear that could be replaced. 195/50/15. This car does have a welded 1.8 diff but will include a 1.6 vlsd. Poly diff mounts.

Body is not perfect has some hail and some dings and scratches. Original 22 year old paint did have a minor fender bender on the front that caused the scuffing/dents on the bumper and pushed the core support back slightly but has since been pulled back out so everything lines up. Top is in good condition no rips or holes.

This car does see track time and doesn't make the best daily driver with the seats no ac and lack of interior but I still daily it. Looking to trade for 6k in cash. Rwd manual cars A.K.A i don't want your honda unless it's a s2k or nsx. Willing to trade for four door cars as well as long as rwd/manual. Mainly looking for convertibles aka s13 240sx vert. Rx7 vert. E30/E36/E46 vert. 350z vert so on and so forth.



2013-06-26, 01:35 AM
awww paul, not you too :/

2013-06-26, 05:48 AM
id say your del sol was more modded then this, maybe. gl paul

2013-06-26, 08:07 AM
awww paul, not you too :/
It's probably not going anywhere

id say your del sol was more modded then this, maybe. gl paul
Nope. In terms of number of mods this one has a lot more

2013-06-26, 03:15 PM
6k? Glws!

2013-06-26, 05:39 PM
6k? Glws!

Have to list a price. More interested in trades

2013-07-01, 10:46 AM

2013-07-06, 10:51 AM

added some sweet orange led in the rear wheel wells. on the rollbar and under the rear bumper for cool night drifting effects. Every one likes glowing smoke.

2013-07-08, 01:57 PM
Seen this last month at Saddlers Racing. Very clean car.

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2013-07-08, 02:14 PM
Seen this last month at Saddlers Racing. Very clean car.

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Thank you sir