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2013-07-01, 01:29 PM
I have a 1997 3000gt SL.Automatic Transmission (with Overdrive and power button).118,000 miles (will go up since its my daily). Engine runs great,wouldnt ask for this much money if it didn't.Its a DOHC 3.0 v6 (around 210 HP).Maintence i have done on it are sparkplugs,wiring,air filter,fuel filter,fuel injectors,front brakes,tires,new struts,front inner,outer tie-rods and all wheel allignment all in the last 5000 miles ago. Just did oil change 1,000 miles ago. AC and Heater work great.Sunroof works.Tires have around 70% of thread still.Car gets around 22 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highway,and only takes premium.
Have done a alot of visual mods like
-Tinted Windows
-Tinted taillights
-Tinted front side lights
-17 inch Kita aftermarket rims
-Aftermarket exaust tips
-wiring for subs
-custom 3000gt floormats.
-Red Callipers
-Tein Lowering Springs
-custom 12 inch sub box
-restored headlights
-blue HID projecter headlights

I do have a really nice touchscreen pioneer stereo currently in it.. (DVD,Aux,USB,Bluetooth and pandera accessible and still with the remote) But I am planning on taking it out.. If you would like it to come with the car i would probably ask for a little more (like $200 more). Stereo is only 6 months old and works perfectly.I bought for $340 so it would be my loss if i let it go at that price.

Now the cons
-Clear Coat is fading away from top of car and under the back window.
-passenger window regulator is going bad (still goes up and down)(around $150 part)
-minor hail damage
-Steering wheel locks up for like 2 seconds when going through big puudles, I think power steering belt or pump needs to be replaced. It hasn't really bothered me much so I haven't looked to much into it.

All in all i would say. Exterior 7/10. Interior 8/10. Engine and Transmission 9/10. This isnt bad considering its a 15 year old car.

After all that this is a great first car,definatly enjoyed it.I Put alot of work and love towards this car and i will hate to see it go.Reason im selling it is because i would like a bigger car.Im in no hurry to sell it so please dont try to low ball me.I am willing to trade just let me know what you have.I would love a 5-speed and maybe even a sporty 4-door. Something like a BMW 325i would be awesome. Price is NEGIOTABLE.Thank you for reading,text me at 913-548-7631.Feel free to ask questions!

2013-07-01, 01:33 PM
Need to check the fs sticky and toss up pics http://www.kcsr.org/showthread.php?t=112938

2013-07-02, 08:11 AM
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