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2013-11-15, 08:23 PM
I am looking to create a event directory for 2014. Being out of the loop for 2 years, it was hard to find events using google and forums.

If you know of events, run events/shows please contact me in advance so I can help spread the word on my website (http://www.autofaze.com) and facebook page. I make no money from this website. I just like to share as much as I can,while working two jobs, for those who cannot attend events/shows.


2013-11-15, 08:42 PM
Mustang F-body Meet, KC2K14, and 435 Loop Cruise are the big ones that come to mind.

2013-11-15, 08:50 PM
1. Where do I sign up?

2. Don't forget World of Wheels - usually in February I think... You can go to Bartle Hall's event page for that...

2013-11-16, 07:51 AM
Thanks for the idea's guys. I will work on updating my website to incorporate a event directory with a email newsletter that sends reminders to those subscribed. I honestly will end up redesigning my theme to make this more user friedly.


2013-11-18, 04:40 PM
Every Saturday there's a pretty decent lil gathering of mostly muscle cars off Jackson Dr., by independence center.

2014-02-04, 09:53 PM
Mustang F-body Meet, when is this

2014-02-08, 09:45 AM
https://www.facebook.com/FastestMeetInKC September 20, 2014 will be the 8th Annual

2014-02-13, 11:04 AM