View Full Version : Yamaha shifting mechanism

2014-07-24, 09:13 PM
I am tying to put my bike together (almost there!) I am working on putting the clutch and shifting mechanism back together. The clutch is pretty straightforward but the shifter just doesn't make sense.

It's a 1983 Yamaha virago 750

I will run out and take a few pics after my daughter goes yo bed.

Billy Mild
2014-07-24, 10:18 PM
Are you having an issue putting it back together or what?

2014-07-25, 09:03 PM
It seems like it's stuck in gear but it may just be me not understanding how it works.

Billy Mild
2014-07-28, 04:13 PM
What was the problem originally and why did you take that cover off? Is the clutch set properly?

2014-07-30, 04:22 PM
It has not run since I got it. I couldn't get it to shift into neutral so I pulled it apart to find out why. The clutch rod was bent. I replaced it and am trying to put it back together but it doesn't seem right. I can't change gears. I pulled it back apart to look at it and I think I got the shifting mechanism in wrong.

Honestly I am tired of working on it and want to pay someone to fix it.

Billy Mild
2014-07-30, 04:47 PM
Usually not wanting to shift in neutral is caused by dirty oil or another issue. Clutch dragging etc.