View Full Version : Kobe Beef Steak in KC

2015-09-18, 12:06 PM
Anyone know of any restaurants in kansas city that have Kobe beef steak on the menu?

2015-09-18, 12:11 PM
Tannin Winebar & Kitchen
Trezo Mare
Le Lou Frog
The Capital Grille
Bonefish Grill
BRGR Kitchen
Blanc Burgers + Bottles
The Cheesecake Factory
75th Street Brewery

2015-09-18, 06:32 PM
Awesome suggestions...Might try out Le Lou Frog

2015-11-21, 07:42 PM
Probably none of these sell authentic Kobe beef, which is incredibly rare in the states. They most likely sell wagyu, or "American Kobe" or "Domestic Kobe", which is not Kobe at all. Kobe beef comes only from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Export only began in 2012, and accounts for less than 10% of annual production (5000 cows certified 'Kobe Beef annually).

-My father-in-law is a butcher, he and I have an odd culinary interests.
-Kobe Beef Marketing & Distributing Promotion Assoc.: http://www.kobe-niku.jp/en/top.html