View Full Version : Good lunch spots near downtown?

2016-04-07, 09:34 PM
Something with takeout available since it's only a 30 min break? So far I've been to The Brick, Grinders, Jack Stack, Chipotle, Subway, Go Chicken Go, The Noshery, 9th Street Liquor in the West Bottoms (used to be called The Lunch Box), Wendy's, Five Guys by KU Med....

Just trying to find some new places to go on Fridays. There's a few in City Market but it's like 10-15 minutes to get there from SW Blvd and Broadway with all the lights and traffic.

2016-04-07, 11:27 PM
Lots of choices still.

We go to Mildred's a lot
Sylvia's Deli
Town Topic
NARA (sushi)
Ruins Pub is supposed to have food but haven't had it yet.
Papa Johns
PTs Coffee
Sundry market

Down the Blvd:
Ricos Tacos Lupe
El Pueblito
Danny Edwards BBQ
Rosedale BBQ

2016-04-08, 09:23 AM
YJ's in the crossroads is friggen amazing.

Q39 does take out, and that shit is the bombb

2016-04-08, 03:04 PM
I am not as familiar with the districts, but I believe boulevard tavern is down in the crossroads. Damn fine place.

2016-04-20, 07:12 PM
A coworker got a chicken salad from Mildred's the other day and said the chicken was dry, like it had been made the night before. Kind of a hipster place and not worth the money for the quality you get.

We went to Slaps BBQ near 7th and Central in KCK last Friday and the other guys preferred it to Jack Stack even though they really like JS. We got there at 12:30ish and the line was very short and moved pretty fast, kind of like Joe's KC. The three of us were probably in and out in ~5 min. They state that they don't do call in orders unless it's placed the day before since it's fresh every morning and pretty much first come first serve. They also have a new batch of stuff at 4 PM.


Q39 is next on the list along with some other ones you guys listed.

Anyone ever been to The North End on 5th St? Used to be called La Sala's? I grew up a few blocks away and probably had their Rich Boy at least once a week. The new owner who worked there when it was La Sala's said in some article or FB page that everything in the sandwich is the exact same but I had one the other week and now there's lettuce (there wasn't any in the original) and the mustard is different.

2016-04-20, 08:47 PM
Q39 is pretty good.

Ive been to La Salas and The North End. Differences were noticable, but not dramatic.

I still need to try Slaps.

Smokin Guns in North KC is good, but tough to make in 30mins.

Johnny C's is pretty good. The meatball sandwich is amazing. 1113 N 5th St, Kansas City, KS 66101

Now that I work from home in Lees Summit, I do miss all the options from the plaza to river mkt area.

Anthonys downtown is good Italian also.

El Patron