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2009-10-07, 10:54 PM
We would like to extend an offer to KCSR members on one of our HID Torchlight models. This torchlight is very bright and durable!!

http://www.houseofhid.com/images/hid%20case.jpg (http://www.houseofhid.com/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=105)

Want to increase your visibility while working at night? Tired of the low power flashlights you use at your workplace? We have a solution! Our HID Torchlight (Flashlight) is capable of illuminating targets up to 3,000 feet away using HID technology. The extremely bright light produced by our flashlights, makes viewing your target and distinguishing colors in the dark much easier. Our Torchlight is used by the military, law enforcement, border patrol, fire departments, coast guard and more! The focused beam results in more lumens per watt on your target than other high power flashlights. The beam is between 3-4' in diameter at 2,000 feet allowing excellent visibility of outlaying areas.



Output: 3,500 lumens of Xenon HID brightness.
Focus is adjustable - Adjustable Intensity: (Three Levels: Full Brightness, 2/3 Brightness, and off).
Large lamp housing provides longer effective range.
Nicely Built-In 11.1V 4000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery can provide 100 minutes of running time.
Portability: May be carried by hand or strapped to a belt.
Convenient recharging: Input of 100V-240V and Output of 12V.
The entire unit is constructed from tough aircraft grade aluminum.
Water-proof design is suitable for any terrain.
The xenon bulb provides more than 3x the amount of light than a halogen bulb, while only consuming half the power (wattage).

Our Torchlight Kit includes:

HID Flashlight
4400mAH high powered Lithium battery with emergency built in led
Indoor battery charger adapter
Portable car charger
Rear switch plastic protection cover
HID Flashlight belt clip
Battery protection cover

We will offer KCSR members a special discounted price of $350 shipped. Please send us a PM if you're interested. Thanks! :thumbsup:

2010-03-27, 10:49 PM
whats the sticker on this bad boy?

2010-03-29, 12:22 PM
whats the sticker on this bad boy?

Our torchlight lists for $699.99 we are honoring the $350.00 shipped price through the end of April. :thumbsup: