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2010-07-17, 08:55 AM
I was hoping to finish this within a couple weeks, but extenuating circumstances force me to sell this or trade for a running car, preferably a Honda or Camaro, but at this point I'm not extremely pickey.
What I have is a 1997 GST ready to drop a 6 bolt in. The 6 bolt is a fresh rebuild with all new internals, and T belt. It also has a brand new head on it, balance shaft eliminator, Greddy BOV and RSR exhaust. Comes with a brand new clutch/flywheel/pressure plate, 5qts of Castrol Edge and 3qts of Penzoil Syncromesh, 17'' Konig Tantrum wheels wrapped in Toyo tires, but they should be replaced soon, brand new NGK spark plugs, XSPower Evo VII FMIC and the list could go on. I'd like to get 3k out of it, but that is definently obo.


2010-07-17, 01:18 PM
so is everything complete or does it need stuff to make complete

2010-07-17, 01:35 PM
needs a few things, nothing major, hoses are all I can think of off hand.

2010-07-17, 02:06 PM
so you have the transmission

2010-07-17, 05:28 PM

2010-07-17, 05:31 PM
So the motor is not in it? I don't mean to sound offensive, but in all reality that is worth 1500-2000 absolute max.

2010-07-17, 09:15 PM
Yeah, like I said I'm more interested in trades and am open to offers. To the guy that pm'd me, I dont really want to seperate it but for the right price I'll sell it.

2010-11-20, 02:29 PM
I have a super clean good running volvo 850 turbo for trade if you can add just a bit of cash

2010-11-20, 08:04 PM
A shame you have to sell it for that price, a rebuilt 6 bolt in a clean body like that is worth your asking price if its as close to completion as stated. If you cant sell it, you could always try parting out the engine/shell on DSMtuners.

If for whatever reason you do decide to part everything out, lemme know.

2010-11-20, 09:51 PM
Wow, back from the dead. Thanks for the interest, but I think I'm just going to finish it now unless something comes along that really catches my eye. The car is actually "running" however it has an oil leak from the crank seal and still needs timed/tuned.

For anyone interested it now has a Punishment racing FMIC, 14b turbo, Fidanza flywheel, Apexi SAFC, Apexi Turbo Timer, Mishimoto aluminum radiator, and a coil on plug setup. I'm sure there's more but thats all that comes to mind. I'm extremely close to having this running. The only trades I'm currently interested in are good running EK hatches.

2010-11-22, 03:18 PM
How much u wanting for it now?