View Full Version : BMW style 32 wheels BRAND NEW 18x8

2010-11-16, 11:26 PM
I have a set of 4 BRAND NEW OEM BMW style 32 wheels, 18x8 et20 5x120. They are brand new in the box, never mounted. These will fit a wide range of BMW models. E36 E28 E46 E39 E34

asking $700


2010-11-21, 02:09 PM
possible trades plus cash...

2010-12-01, 11:44 PM

Mike V
2010-12-02, 12:01 AM
Damn these would look good on the wife's X5. I have no idea what offset that thing needs though. I'll have to check.

Mike V
2010-12-03, 11:03 PM
Offset on the X5 wheels is 48. Going to a 20 might be too much especially up front.

2010-12-22, 12:32 PM
Still got'em. I am interested.

Mike V
2010-12-22, 01:44 PM
Which hub size are these? I ask because you have models listed that use different hub sizes (E39 are 74.1 and the others are 72.5). If these are the 72.5, I'd like to get together some time for a test fit if you still have them.

2010-12-24, 04:24 PM
I"m not sure on the hub size, but either way they will work on your E46. You can buy hub rings from ebay for $10. You don't need the hub rings for a test fit.

Mike V
2010-12-25, 12:10 AM
These would go on the wife's X5, not the zhp. I typically don't mess around with hubcentric rings but it sounds like these are the right hub size. He replied to me in pm that he has a buyer picking them up Sunday. :(