View Full Version : 17" rims with tires

i love my cd7
2010-11-20, 02:53 PM
Rims are universal 4 lug. They fit 4x100 and 4x114 lug nut patterns. Two tires have about 80% thread and other 2 have about 50% one of the tires has a small bubble on the back side wall. I dont think this effects anything i drove them like this all last summer. Tire size is 215/45/R17. could use some cleaning to make them shine even more they been sitting in my basement for a wile.. Rims have some minor scratches on them nothing major.im asking
300$ OBO or Send me any reasonable offer the worst i can say is no. Thank you - JG





i love my cd7
2010-11-21, 12:49 PM
some oneee takeeee these off my hands

2010-11-21, 02:03 PM
Those are pretty nice, bump for you

i love my cd7
2010-11-23, 06:50 PM
I need cash just got a drag racing ticket :( price droped to 200 cash.