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2010-11-28, 09:05 PM
You guys know the car, its history etc pretty well I think.


1995 BMW M3 (3.0 I6)
Alpine White exterior
Black Leather with Vaders inside.

TCKLine Coilovers ($2,000)
UUC Catback ($1,000)
Conforti Intake, Euro HFM, Tune, injectors, etc ($1,500)
Lots of other aftermarket suspension parts
Rebuilt Motor and new Head about 30k Miles ago
New Clutch 30k miles ago
New Battery 1 month ago
Projector Headlights with 6000k 55w HID's
4300k 35w HID's in Fog Lights
Clear Euro Tails
All new bushings, mounts, etc.
Whole cooling system was redone with motor work, new radiator again about 2k miles ago
New Radiator clutch about 2k miles ago
New Paint on both fenders, hood, nose panel, and front bumper.
New tires up front with about 2k miles on them.
ZHP Shift Knob
New Hawk pads and Brembo rotors on the way for the front, so these will be brand new.
Car Dyno'd at 217whp 212wtq

Car drives like a dream, starts everytime and is very healthy IMO. Sounds amazing and is just very clean overall. I would drive this car anywhere.

I got in an accident with the car last summer where I rear ended a lifted dodge ram with a trailer hitch. His hitch hit my nose panel, radiator support and hood. I replaced all the parts with OEM BMW parts or equivalent. I had to replace: Hood, radiator, clutch fan, radiator support and nose panel. The only thing that remains that needs to be done is hook up the hood latch cable, and get a new condenser and some small clips that I have ordered already. I think many people can vouch for how this car looks, drives and performs.

EDIT: The hi-beams have a bad fuse I think because they just quit working, and the fog lights run thru the hi-beams from the factory so they are out of commission as well. I plan to fix this as soon as I have some time. Also the drivers fender is a little bent at the end so the corner light has a small gap. I was planning on purchasing another one to replace it with. The airbag light comes on the first 3-5 minutes of driving due to a faulty seatbelt tensioner.

I am only considering selling because I am moving to KC and do not want to put the miles on this car going back and forth from KC.

Im sure I am forgetting something, but I'll update if I remember anything.


These first few pictures are the most recent ones I have, which are from 11/21/2010 (last week)



The rest are in no order.







$8,500 OBO

Car is located in Lincoln, NE. I will be moving to KC January 4th.

2010-11-28, 10:11 PM
One of my favorite body styles for the m3. Clean and honest seller. Bump for you.

2010-11-28, 10:15 PM
Damn this is nice. Almost makes me want to buy when I sell my SRT. GL.

2010-11-28, 10:17 PM
Thank you for the kind words guys!

2010-11-28, 10:17 PM
I didn't see it listed, how many miles?

2010-11-28, 10:18 PM
I didn't see it listed, how many miles?

Oh crap sorry. Body has around 176k on it, with most wear items including motor, having less than about 30k. I also have a folder that is overflowing with receipts.

2010-11-28, 10:22 PM
Oh how I want it. :(

2010-11-28, 10:23 PM
I should also mention that I would also be willing entertain offers on something new, lower miles and gets decent mileage.

2010-11-28, 11:22 PM
sorry if i missed it but whats your price on it?

Mike V
2010-11-28, 11:46 PM
sorry if i missed it but whats your price on it?

8500. It's on the bottom of his post.

2010-11-28, 11:56 PM

2010-11-29, 09:29 AM
Dyno Video


2010-11-29, 09:32 AM
Wow. Great car in a great color. GLWS

2010-11-29, 09:33 AM

2010-11-29, 01:22 PM
^^^Sounds mean!

2010-11-29, 07:32 PM
Thanks! It sounds SOOO good in person :D

2010-12-01, 12:41 PM
badass car man...dig the color and that body style...GLWS

2010-12-01, 12:52 PM
Thank you!

2010-12-01, 01:26 PM
Have you had alot of hits on this? This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Not sure if I missed it, but miles?

2010-12-01, 02:06 PM
I have had very many interested, and a couple that said they were going to go to their banks. But no cash I'm my hand yet. It has 176k on the body, but pretty much anything that goes wrong on these has either been replaced with OEM or upgraded. Should be good for atleast the next 100k.

2010-12-03, 09:16 AM
Car is going on craigslist later :(

2010-12-10, 12:18 PM
If anybody wants to steal this from me for $7k, do it now! :)

2010-12-10, 12:44 PM
Can we be an asshole to you like you are everytime someone from KC joins starcityracing?

2010-12-10, 01:20 PM
Sure, go nuts.

2010-12-13, 10:29 PM

2010-12-14, 12:17 AM
did it sell to someone in KC?

2010-12-14, 12:41 AM
did it sell to someone in KC?
Nope, Omaha.

2010-12-16, 11:11 PM
^ yeah :(