View Full Version : So I picked up my motor, looked under it and saw.....

2010-12-02, 08:42 AM
We just picked up my motor and turned it over to look into it and found this. Now the crank was out of a busted motor but it was turned, everything was balanced and checked out but these pictures have me quite worried.

I called the machine shop which was Mercer and they said its on the counterweight everything balanced out and it just doesnt look pretty but I won't run into any problems. I have a receipt for all the work done.

I have now bought a new crank, motor is going to Burlington in Raytown and they are going to fix it. Over 30 people have commented on other sites about how this is a ticking time bomb and can't believe they even used it. I'm very surprised they did this but I'm scared that it will blow up once I get it together...just wanted people to see this and give me their opinions.

2010-12-02, 08:51 AM
Here is the link to the first 3 pictures.


Diamond Star
2010-12-02, 09:49 AM
buying new was a smart choice

2010-12-02, 10:49 AM
being that it balanced out i am sure it would have worked fine for the most part but i also wouldn't want anything that looked like that in my engine that is for damn sure.

2010-12-02, 04:57 PM
Good move, its possible over time bit of metal come off where it was drilled incorrectly. Better safe then sorry!