View Full Version : thanks kcsr!

2010-12-02, 09:24 PM
i post on here that i needed a cb7 for my wife and i got one.

i posted that i wanted a car and now i gots one.

but now my little brothers car threw a rod and i thought it would be nice to get him an early Christmas present.

i need a import any modifi-able import. must run. dont really care about looks.

i can get the up wards of $800.

please help me again doods!

2010-12-02, 10:28 PM
What a good brother! lol Good luck with your buy, bud!

2010-12-02, 11:36 PM
thanks. hes helped me out with alot so...

2010-12-03, 01:47 AM
I got a Mazda 323 up for grabs..... its not pretty but hellits a 88 w/ a nice swao in it... pm me if interested

2010-12-03, 03:39 PM
is it the gtx?

2010-12-03, 08:13 PM
is it the gtx?

No :( its the base modle not even a SE.

But it has A DOHC 5 speed swap out of a 95 MX3

2010-12-06, 01:51 AM
yay? nay? maybe?