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2010-12-22, 09:30 AM
I have finalized the transition to my new exclusive product line. No relabels with stickers and reselling anyone elses products here, I go straight to the manufacturer to have products designed and developed exclusively for me. All ballasts now sport a laser etched logo and information box. Many months of testing, research, and design has singled down to one manufacturer that truly delivers a solid product that I am PROUD to display my name on.

Along with the branding, I will be adding new products over the coming months. Some of which include LED offroad light bars (up to 36,000 lumens :shock: ), standalone mountable HID offroad lights, and LED replacement bulbs for interior and exterior. Once all testing has been done, I'll be adding it to my current inventory. I will update this forum when the new products become available!

I look forward to a bright new year! :thumbsup:

The new ballasts: