View Full Version : replacement ryobi 18v li-ion batteries

2010-12-22, 01:28 PM
so one of my ryobi batteries died, is there a way to refurbish them or should i just get a new one?

2010-12-22, 01:29 PM
Would Batteries Plus carry something like this?

2010-12-22, 01:43 PM
Would Batteries Plus carry something like this?

looked quick. looks like they have the NICd but not the lithium.

The Lox
2010-12-22, 02:26 PM
I would just buy a new one..

2010-12-22, 02:29 PM
yah, i just didnt know if i can get a refurbished one for cheaper than the $90 at homedepot.

2010-12-22, 05:52 PM
I have been through a porter cable, then bought a cheap ryobi and last night I broke down and bought the small rigid model. I wanted it to be able to get in tight places. That little one has plenty of torque, enough it will snap screws in half if you are not careful and they are lithium that charges in 1 hr. The cool thing I didn't know about it was it delivers full power until it is completely dead? Neat stuff