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2010-12-26, 12:33 AM
93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4
The Jeep is the 4.0 v6 it runs great. It has 4x4 (2-4all-4hi-4lo).
221,xxx miles on the body
90,xxx on engine and trans.
Lifted 3"
31" tires
Tinted windows
New bearings in rear end and new rear wheel bearing
New ignition switch
New ignition
System (2 12"s,)

Bad (minor):
When the bearings went out in the rear end the gears got kinda chewed up so it makes a humming noise because the gears have to wear back in. Doesn't effect the way it drives though.

Hood has some dings and paint chips gone.

Passenger door panel is rough

Paint fade by the back window on the right side it is hardly noticeable though.

$2200 cash! but really want to trade for 93-up z28, trans am, mustang gt, possibly a clean honda or gtp
620-249-3145 text me at that number for a quicker response. Thanks!


2010-12-26, 12:48 AM
nice jeep GLWS

inline 6 cyclinder.. its ok everyone says v6

2010-12-26, 12:50 AM
Thanks man. Just looking to get back into one of those fast unreliable cars again :mrgreen:

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2011-01-08, 10:14 AM
I will trade you my 1995 ex v6 accord. new tire's,wiper's,tune up, all new ball joints,inner/outer tie rods,alignment,timing belt, water pump,exhaust mani gasket,intake mani gasket ,thermostat,radiator,windshield,blaha blah.......i will definitly like to look at t:cheers:his jeep