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2011-01-07, 06:25 PM
I am selling my Trans Am. It is a 98 midnight metallic blue 6 speed car with 72k miles on it. The car has quite a few modification on it including a ls6 intake, Pacesetter longtube heards, Magnaflow exhaust with a single cut out in it, there is a 4.10 gear in the rear end, Pro 5.0 short throw shiter, Texas Speed Tourquer II cam and i believe the specs on it are 232/232 and 596 lift, it also has a pretty mean EFI live tune on it as well. I just spent over $1500 replacing the clutch pressure plate flywheel throwout bearing and slave cylinder. it now has the ls7 clutch in it. I replaced the fuel pump about 3 months ago and while the tank was out i cut out an area in the hatch to make easier access to the sending unit in case this needs to be done again or i decided to upgrade. The wheels on the car are 17x10 Boyd Cottington wheels that were custom made for this car. there are a few small chips in the paint around the body but for the car being a 98 it isnt bad at all. it is a very straight, smooth car. It also has an aftermarket light weight ram air hood on it. i can send more pics and a video of the car through text message, my namber is 816 341 4099 and i can be reached here anytime. Im asking $11,500 thanks

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Love the wheels. Got anymore side shots?

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Looks Slow. Bump for todd

2011-01-07, 09:51 PM
thanks! ill have some more detailed pics up tomorrow

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you know better tweak :)

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Why do you think this is this tweak character you speak of? lol

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hahaha your profile tells it all buddy. when are you coming back around this area?

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Lol figured, Yea If im lucky never, If I was luckier I could have gotten somewhere farther to a tropical and warm place, say panama city, that would be ideal!

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hell i'd go with ya! that is of course after i sell this and get my terminator lol help me get this machine sold!

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hell i'd go with ya! that is of course after i sell this and get my terminator lol help me get this machine sold!

Traitor!!! lol... Sounds good to me!!!

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Bump for this piece!