View Full Version : 15" 4x100 slipstreams

2011-01-10, 01:53 PM
they are a silverish color, idk, lol. they all are in good condition, no bends cracks etc. i believe maybe 1, or 2 has some minor curb rash but nothing major. tires are all 205/50 falken ziex, about 65% tread left, one has a plug that ive rode on for almost a year with no issues.. this is the only picture i have right now, ill get more later or when ever requested.

ill trade for anything aftermarket if i like. if its gold, ill most likely take em. only 15's please. id take something with no tires if they are nice.

only oem wheels id take are some super clean gsr blades.


2011-01-11, 01:07 AM
sure like that baller wrecked crv lol! sure would be nice in this weather:thumbsup:

2011-01-15, 12:48 PM