View Full Version : Worst Advertising Tag Line Ever? Subaru takes the cake

2011-01-28, 11:13 AM
It's cheap and ugly!

2011-01-28, 11:30 AM
"Sue bar eww" LOL WTF?

2011-01-28, 12:20 PM

2011-01-28, 01:24 PM
I kind of like this add scheme. When you juxtapose it to the modern idea of trying to make something like a Toyota Echo seem cool, it's almost refreshing to see an honest car being marketed as what it is. A cheap entry level vehicle is never advertised as such anymore, and at times I find that pretty damn annoying.

Not to mention, subaru has a long lineage of oddball, quasi-ugly vehicles. The SVX, XT, Baja, Brat, justy and quite a few others were never advertised as beautiful by any means. Till recently they've been a value and function over form brand. I wish Toyota or honda would come out with an honest commercial today. "The prius, because you're a progressive dousche bag that spends more money on weed than petrol". or "The honda crz, nothing like a crx, but we'll let you think that". and finally "The honda civic, not cheap anymore, not compact either".

2011-01-28, 01:28 PM
I love it, where can i get one?

2011-01-28, 06:31 PM
"Sue bar eww" LOL WTF?

My girlfriend's from Asia and that's how they really pronounce it there! And Mazda is Ma-TZI-duh.