View Full Version : Wicked ass bikes

2011-03-05, 01:48 AM
Board track racers. 130 mph on underinflated clincher type tires (remember how your schwin tires just fit inside the rim?)

No clutch. Push startem or use a stand back then.

Throttle on the left (or right, lol) and timing retard/advance on the other.
Workers were told to build the tracks with the grain going away. But you that didn't always happen...

one old board tracker was quoted as saying that not if, but when the clinchers left the party early- you and your cardboard helmet (if you were a pansy) went down fast and to be prepared for splinters. Splinters as long as bayonets and as numerous as body hair.

These things made good power- 1000cc's with shaft driven overhead cams?

Excelsior and Indian were kings (harley whut?)

check the extra exhaust ports on the 8 valve Indian- 4 valves per cylinder in 1915. (all about hp per liter, right lol)



2011-03-05, 05:37 AM
Yumpin Yiminy. That looks dangerous. Definitely need leather pants.