View Full Version : Skrillex

2011-04-17, 06:01 PM
Skrillex at the Beaumont Club July 13th.

Tickets start at $58, I'm so excited!!!!


2011-04-17, 06:04 PM
Nice, I just downloaded the entire discography.. Love the Laroux dubstep

2011-04-17, 06:30 PM
holy hell. Saw him before Deadmau5 and i think his tickets were $40 or $60. either way, his are over priced. Been listening to a decent amount of his music, but damn.. don't think he's that good. Might go if I can find someone to go with. Most of my friends dont like "techno"

Dirt McGirt
2011-04-18, 02:07 AM
That sucks. He's playing here the day after for like $20 a ticket, and I won't even be paying that. I do plan on hardcore dancing and trying to injure a bunch of kids though.