View Full Version : tree limbs / branches / 1/2 a tree removal

2011-06-25, 08:09 PM
the storm we got a week or so ago ripped down a large tree onto my fence on the side of my house. I finally got around to cutting it down and I need to find someone to haul it off.

are there people who do this?

or is there a place I can take it and dump it?

2011-06-25, 09:01 PM
Almost all city dumps have areas for this. Some are free, some are really cheap. Assuming you have it cut up at least a little. They might even take it in huge pieces but I'd definitely call your local "Resource Recovery Park"

2011-06-25, 11:44 PM
burn in backyard an option?

2011-06-26, 09:21 AM
I live in the city limits so I doubt it.

Thanks though

2011-06-28, 04:15 PM
When we lived in Independence ( many years ago) they had storm damage pick ups,, we had to cut the limbs in 4 foot sections and place by the street for them to get. I think they also had a drop off site, but we didn't have a truck back then.

I also had tons of people willing to pick it up for ( in my opinion ) too much money....

You might just call city hall and ask when the pick up is, or if there is a drop off..

2011-06-28, 04:21 PM
Blue valley tree care. Call Dave and tell him Erik (my buddy) sent you.


This applies to ALL KCSR as well, feel free to give them a call, the do honest good work at a decent price.

2011-06-28, 04:25 PM
cut it up and sell it as fire wood?

2011-06-28, 04:44 PM
Not big enough to sell

2011-06-29, 07:08 PM
haul it to my house , i need a beer drinking bonfire lol:thumbsup: