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View Full Version : PPL who work in Shops, Need a trans flush on a windstar van...

Ethan Smart
2009-09-04, 07:11 PM
i have a 2000 ford windstar minivan with the 3.8 L engine in it.

im very mechanically inclined and do all my own work but except transmission work.

what i want is basically a transmission flush with a filter and pan seal changed out.

i changed out the seal and filter 28,000 miles ago and had the fluid flushed and im religious on making sure its real ford type fluid and not that everwear crap. i dont believe in using universal fluid and pouring in an additive to make it up to spec. i want the real shit basically

im thinking of going to the ford dealership but im wanting to know who here works in a shop and what kind of price can you get me. im gonna obviously call around to a few places but i wanna see what kcsr can do.

nothing is currently wrong with the transmission, just needs normal service you know and i cant afford to blow a transmission so i keep on top of my stuff.

let me know what's up people.