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View Full Version : your skateboard for my old school RC cars?

2009-11-04, 12:41 PM
My parents are moving out of their place and i got a ton of old school electric RC car stuff loaded up on me. These aren't your tyco cheap walmart things, but high quality stuff my dad used to race when we lived in MN. I dont have any pics of the cars that i have yet, so i'll post stock ones in their place for the time being, but here's what i have.

Tamiya Blackfoot


The one i have is highly upgraded with stronger frame components, oil filled shocks to replace the plastic coil-overs, a race motor, Teken speed control, and an aftermarket body painted in my dads old race colours.

Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin

More or less stock, comes with 3 different bodies

RC10 Buggy

IIRC i left this pretty stock except for a higher quality speed control and motor

all of these do come with a radio, all servos, and a receiver and should be ready to run. The only thing i dont have to go with them are the batteries. They can be picked up in a 6 or 7 cell unit at any RC hobby store/website.

I dont want to dump them all for just one board, but i'm willing to make a deal. Please dont hit me up with your wal*mart special skateboards

2009-11-05, 07:55 AM

i do have spare parts for all of these trucks that will come with them. Tons of motors as well

2009-11-05, 12:36 PM
Is that rc10 a gold tub, you realize you could sell these on ebay for a decent amount.

2009-11-05, 10:05 PM
yes the one i have is a gold tub

and i figure i might be able to make more on e-bay, but i figured i'd try this first because its less of a hassle.

2009-11-08, 08:29 AM

will update with pics of my trucks tonight

2009-11-08, 03:03 PM
I've got a spare board I might be willing to trade. It's not in the greatest shape I just have it for my friends to skate on. I can't remember what all is on it I'll find out and let you know.

2009-11-08, 09:02 PM
I want your midnight pumpkin!!! I had one like 15 years ago....Please let me know a cash price My lil bro has a world industires board I would buy off him to trade you for the midnight pumpkin

2009-11-09, 09:36 AM
you both have PMs