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View Full Version : Huge Paintball Package 2 guns, 2 tanks, etc..

2009-11-12, 12:36 PM
Up for sale is every paintball item I own. If your looking to getting into paintball or want to buy a nice gift for someone that is, this is the way to go. Everything is in great condition with light use. Both guns have less than 4 cases of paint through them and have been cleaned and lubed after every outing. The nitro tanks have many years left before they need hydro testing. Im looking to sell all of this as a complete package deal. I have well over $1200 into all of this.

Indian Creek Designs Promaster
- CCW low pro feed neck
- Evil Detonator HP reg
- CP on/off ASA
- CP Mini Drop

Dangerous Power Fusion V2
- R.A.P.S on/off ASA

2 - Pure Energy 68cui 4500 psi Nitro Tanks
Nxe Elevation Tank cover
Halo B hopper with rip drive and virtue crown speed feed
NXe Elevation 3+2+2 Pod Pack
3 - Dye lock lid pods
Mega Paintball Body Bag - 2 gun setup
DYE C7 Pants Large
DYE C7 Jersey XXL
Hundredth Monkey Turtle Cap
Brass Eagle Mask
2 - Neck Protectors redz gear and JT
Extreme Rage Fingerless Gloves
2 - Barrel condoms
Oring Kit for both guns, Lube, Allen Keys, Both Manuals,


More pictures here http://s200.photobucket.com/albums/aa309/jsmith85end/Paintball%20Stuff/

$500 takes it all

2009-11-25, 03:37 PM
Nice stuff, bump for you!

2009-11-29, 06:31 PM
Thanks, Bump

2009-11-29, 09:43 PM
wow dude super good price. One of those guns is worth that much!! Not to mention that Dye jersey isnt cheap either!! If i was still deathly in love with paintball still i would deff. get this, i myself have like 500 bucks worth of paintball stuff laying around!! Good luck