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View Full Version : WTT iPhone 3g (not 3gs) for iPod >80 gigs

2009-11-15, 06:19 PM

will format it and leave it to the update that it will have after the update ( the carrier stays the same) would like to trade for a new / newer ipod classic at least 80 gigs :cheers: will come with usb cable :cheers:

2009-11-16, 03:30 PM
I got an 80 gb ipod for trade.

casey liffick
2009-11-16, 08:36 PM
just got a macbook air, it really surprised me they make ipods with harddrives 3 times the size of mine.

2009-11-17, 05:01 PM
dumbass :thumbsdown::thumbsdown:

2009-11-18, 02:22 AM
Do you have a cash price? if so pm me