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View Full Version : Computer gaming accessories FS - Steering Wheels

2009-11-17, 02:36 PM
I was digging through the basement and found some old pc gaming accessories I dont use anymore. Just wanted to throw them up here to see if anyone has any interest in them. All prices OBO.

Act Labs Force RS Racing Wheel - $60

Wheel is in great shape and includes all cables and adapters. I also have the shifter for this setup and 2 sets of upgraded pedals with clutch pedal. (one has a broken brake pedal, just kept it for spare parts). Also have a standard set of pedals with gas/brake only. This was the best pc racing wheel when it was released and is in great working condition. I believe this set was well over $400.



Logitch Wingman Extreme Digital Joystick - $10


Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel - $10

I havent found the pedals that go with this yet, but if I do they are your free gift with purchase.


2009-11-26, 09:26 PM