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View Full Version : dumerils boa for sale

2009-11-19, 02:31 PM
I have just a little over 3 year old dumeril boa, she's about 6.5ft long.

Due to personal reasons, our new land lord isn't to happy about us having a snake, so she's gotta go.

Currently she's in a 4ft long, 2.5 wide, 3ft tall glass enclosure with a screen top, I will include a light bar, and a heating pad. The enclosure has a slight crack on the back side but it's been that way since I got it. She could probably use a larger one, but I don't have the funds to buy or build her one right now. She eats once a month, froze small/medium mice that I get from pets mart. She does not eat live, when she was younger we tried a live mouse and it bit her tail so she'll only do frozen.

She's very docile, never once bit or struck at us. she needs a good home, she's very easy to take care of, we keep her temp between 75 and 85*, they do not require a lot of humidity, I keep a water bowl in the cage across from the heat lamp that keeps it right where it needs to be.

I'm asking 300.00, make an offer, pick up only, sorry I have no way to transport her.