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View Full Version : Aion Account: LvL 50 Templar Zikel/Eylos

2009-11-23, 02:12 PM
Level 50 Templar (tank class) for sale. The game is great, but I do not have the time to play anymore. PM or email me if you want the link to the characters gear. It is a Master Cook, and Alchemy @ 399. Has around 14 million Kinah(game currency) I have countless hours into leveling this character. The level process in this game is no cakewalk like in WoW.
This account is also a collectors edition, all CE items are obtained in game.
Email me if you would like more info. I am local here in KC so I could show you the character first hand if you like.



Alexander Potter

2009-11-26, 11:17 AM
Price lowered to $375