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View Full Version : Titanium G4 Powerbook $150

2009-11-29, 07:59 PM
Apple G4 Titanium Laptop. With WIFI and a 667 mhz PowerPC processor, has at least 512mb of ram, maybe 1gb but one of the sticks isn't labeled, combo drive and a 30gb harddirve Has fresh install os OSX Tiger. This comes with the original box as well as a fairly new Macally power cord.

The one downside of this laptop is that one of the hinges broke, common problem. The hinge has been fixed in a way that the laptop is still useable but the screen will not close unless the screws are taken out. It also has one faint line down the right side of the screen. This computer is perfect for someone who needs a great working and still fast laptop without the mobility.

Please feel free to pm if you have any questions.

$150 OBO


2009-12-01, 09:20 PM
Bump, had a few buyers fall through