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View Full Version : Video Editing NERDS: Final Cut Studio 3 and Final Draft 8

2009-12-05, 11:46 AM
I recently purchased a new unibody MacBook Pro from a relative and it came along with some video editing software that I have no use for. I checked and the software and it has never been registered. It was only opened out of the shrink wrap to check the contents and ensure that all the CD's were there.

Because I'm a chemistry major, this software will serve me no purpose at all, so I'm going to give it to you at a huge discount.

Final Cut Studio 3 retails for $999 on Apple's website. I have the academic version which is exactly the same thing as the full version, except that it's not eligible for the $299 upgrade. In addition to that, because my relative is a student, he was able to purchase it at a discount price for $750.

Askin $425
- Final Cut Pro 7
- Motion 4
- Soundtrack Pro 3
- Color 1.5
- Compressor 3.5
- DVD Studio Pro 4



Final Draft 8. Again, brand new and only opened to check contents. Retails for $249 on Apple.

Asking $125