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View Full Version : RoboMower RL850 - Trades?

2009-12-09, 05:34 PM
I have a RL850 RoboMower that I would like to get out of my garage and am exploring interesting trade opportunities.

This unit is in very good condition and comes with everything you need except the perimeter switch - can be purchased online for $100.

With this package will come the following:

- Yellow RL850 Lawn Mower (photo is stock, not actual)
- 500 ft Perimeter Wire
- Battery Pack
- Battery Charger

These retail for $1,500+ when purchased new!!! They work very well and are certainly a conversation starter...

You can find more information (including demo video) at the Friendly Robotics website: http://www.friendlyrobotics.com/robomow/rl850/ (http://www.friendlyrobotics.com/robomow/rl850/)

Interested in...

- Gaming unit packages (PS3 or XBOX 360)
- Canon Digital SLRs (currently have a Rebel XT, would like to upgrade)
- Canon Lenses
- Small (complete) soda fountain for my basement
- Cash / Gift Cards
- iPod Touch(s)
- HD Video Camera?
- ???


Looking forward to offers...