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View Full Version : 17x7 5 Spoke 4 lug

2010-05-10, 09:45 AM
I have for sale 4 TSW Volcano replica 17x7 wheels, Positive 35 offset. 4x114.3 and another 4 lug pattern which im not sure of. ill find out soon. These almost sit flush. Ill get actual pictures of the set, but for now heres this picture
Also comes with 2 brand new Kumho(sp?) tires


450 obo

Im not on here a whole lot, so an email would get to me faster.. Louismcconnell@gmail.com

2010-05-11, 07:01 PM
bump! these are OBO, i just need to buy these other wheels!

2010-05-13, 12:36 AM
Bump for some sweet wheels.

2010-05-14, 12:54 AM
THanks for the bump!

Other lug pattern is 4X100

2010-05-14, 01:45 PM
Friday bump,

Looking for 0 offset 8'' 16's lol (xxr 002)
something with dish and a lip

2010-05-19, 01:39 PM
Need to get rid of these!!