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View Full Version : Great deal!

2010-07-09, 11:56 PM
It's that time of year when online shops start throwing stuff on clearance. PBK is having some great deals on clothing, tubes, tires, etc. I just picked up some continental tubes for "buy one get one free" for like 5 bucks, and some continental gatorskins for 30 bucks a piece. I also got some good bibs for 48 bucks. Head over there and do some shopping. Stock up on tubes, tires, clothing, etc.


It's a really popular cycling shop from the UK, but just click the american flag in the upper left corner on the main page when you start, and the prices will switch to dollars.

Oh by the way, its free shipping to the U.S. right now, or at least it was last night.

Post up great deals if you find them from different sites.