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View Full Version : KC Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals 11/21

2010-10-21, 05:56 PM
My dad is looking to unload his ticket out of our pair for the Chiefs vs Cards game on 11/21. The game is @ noon and you would be going with me and sitting on VIP Club Level for the game. Prior to the game we tailgate with my sister and brother-in-law. For this game Ricerking13 and his friend will also be going with us.

Face value of the ticket is $200 and that is what he wants for it. Additional expenses would be 1/4th of the parking ($5.50), and 1/4 of the groceries and beer (approx $15-20).

2010-10-22, 08:53 AM
Morning Bump

2010-11-01, 01:53 PM
Price dropped to $175. Again, face value of ticket is $200. Ticket is in section 234.